Friday, June 4, 2010

Status Report for June

Sitting... in the same place as always, at my messy desk. I have no idea what it is about flat surfaces in my house that causes them to become clutter magnets, but that's the way it is.

Thinking... about how cool it is that my new shop Birthday Sweeties received nearly 700 visits today. I don't think any of my sites over the last 13 years of having sites/shops/blogs have ever received that many visits in a single day.  I'm almost convinced it's a glitch and the site counter just spazzed out.

Saying... "why look, it's bedtime!" and wondering how many times in 27 years of being a mom I have said that.

Enjoying... immensely, highspeed internet access, still.  It's been almost 2 months and the novelty has most certainly not wore off yet.  I can do what I enjoy doing and it takes me a fraction of the time.  This has freed me up to spend more time OFF line, and that's also a very good thing.

Doing... better at my weight loss attempt.  As of today, the grand total of weight loss after a.) using the elliptical daily, b.) giving up cafe mochas from Tim Hortons and c.) giving up my nightly snack of cheetos... 3.5 pounds!  It's not a lot, but I noticed yesterday my favorite shorts feel baggy.  I still have a way to go to reach my goal, but this is very encouraging.

Voices of the True Woman MovementReading... nothing at the moment, but I did just get a new book and plan to begin reading that on Monday.  Click that image to see the book I'm about to read.

Deciding... on what to do with all the STUFF I'm getting rid of as I clean my house room to room and prepare for moving next year.  Yard sale? Give it away? Throw it away? kijiji?  I'm not sure yet, but I already have a potential buyer for some of my homeschooling text books, so that's awesome. 

Disturbed... by the way FOX news homepage has turned into the softcore porn page that it has.  There is so much skin in the pics there, it just makes me sick.  I miss the days when they didn't have all the boob shots and sex articles. 

Wishing... for a long, hot summer, as the weather people keep saying we're in for.  I sure hope it's true.  We didn't really have much of a summer last year, so I'm looking forward to being totally miserable in the stifling heat and humidity, lol. Yep, I'm a freak!

Thinking... about what it means to become a softy as you get older. I definitely notice it in myself, and I have a few friends who are about the same age as myself who are feeling it too.  Becoming a softy is a really good thing, as it allows you to feel more, care more, think deeper and pray harder.

Trying... a new item in my daily diet.  Instead of the "protein bars" I usually buy for a quick snack during the day, I bought a box of Kashi bars instead to see how I like them.  Nutritionally, they're better for you.  They cost less per bar, and they have more flavors, so I hope I do like them.  Today's treat was the cherry dark chocolate chewy granola bar.  It was pretty good, and the bonus is that I feel good using these as a snack alternative.

Pleased... with how well all the kids have adjusted to being in public school this year, after being homeschooled their whole lives.  School ends for them in a few weeks, and they're all doing those fun end-of-the-year projects in their classrooms and bringing home some things that have been at school all year long.  It's so strange that the school year is almost over. Ruth did amazingly awesome her first school year being the only homeschool student, and she's already finished many of her textbooks.  We'll close out the year for her after next week.  Next fall will be very strange indeed, with all of them in public school and it just being me and the animals home during the day.

Needing... to cut this a little shorter than I intended, since Kev informed me it's movie night and time to put the first dvd in. We're watching The Road and Wolfman.  I hope they were worth renting.  The kids watched Toothfairy (with Duane Johnson) earlier, and it was very cute. Duane Johnson does really well in kid-friendly movies.

Thankful... it's Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow.  Yay, sleeping in rocks!

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