Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kid's Huge Surprise

I mentioned last week on my FB wall that I was sneaking around, participating in the planning of a super-duper fun surprise. Now I can finally reveal what the surprise was :o)

Grandpa Rolfe (Kev's dad) and I conspired together for the kid's BIG Christmas gift this year... a few months early. We decided it would be super-awesome to a.) get them all brand new bikes (which none of them have ever had before) and b. give them to them now, rather than at Christmas time when they can't really use them. We decided to be sneaky and give them to them today, on the last day of school. That part was a little tricky so the bikes were purchased and parked in daughter #3's dining room in town for the last week, and I brought them home today while Kev took Ruth out for lunch. I hid them in the garage and when the kids got home from school, Kev took them all out for ice cream to celebrate the last day of school, while I attached the giant gift tags and lined them up in the driveway.


Kev forgot to honk when he was coming down the driveway so I wasn't able to get out there fast enough to get video. I didn't even know they were home until I heard the squealing and screaming, lol.  Kev said they nearly flew out of the van while it was still moving.  It's safe to say, they LOVE their Christmas in June gifts. 

Thank you Len, you made 4 little monkey people very very happy.
Graphic design by Carla Rolfe