Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Goodies

See this fun shirt here?  Well, this shirt and other Super Grandpa shirts and gifts are selling well in the last few days at Reflections cafepress. While that might sound pretty good, it's actually not as good as I would hope.  See, these items are selling through the cafepress marketplace, instead of through my Reflections cafepress shop.   That didn't used to be an issue with cafepress shopkeepers until last year when cafepress changed the game.  They have new rules now for marketplace listings.  They get to set their own  prices for the merchandise listed there (which are quite often much different than the shopkeeper's price) and they keep a HUGE percentage of the comission on the designer's work, for having your items listed in their marketplace.  The only reason any designer even still has their designs in the cafepress marketplace is in hopes of letting a potential customer know what's available via their shop.  None of the cafepress shopkeepers WANT to give up their commission, but like any other advertising method, it costs.  I just wish the folks buying this fun design for Father's Day gifts, would actually purchase through my shop, instead.  My prices are different (in many cases, much lower!) than the marketplace, and the designer (me) actually gets paid for the design, rather than a tiny percentage.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe