Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dead Babies v. Dead Swans?

Headline: "Arrest made in swan killing" (source)

Allow me to go on the record here and be absolutely crystal clear:

I hate it, absolutely hate it with a furious passion, when people get all up in arms over the mistreatment or horrible killing of defenseless animals, but yet those same people sit silently by and say NOTHING, ever, about the horrendous act of abortion. For me, it's impossible to read an article like this and wonder, where are these groups and these voices for the precious, innocent, defenseless babies being brutally ripped apart and discarded like trash, every day?  For the most part, they are silent. That blows my mind.

While I certainly agree that animal cruelty should be punished by the fullest extent of the law (it's often the first step in what is later profiled in serial killers, it should NOT be taken lightly), I also believe those who slaughter innocent, defenseless babies in the womb should receive an even harsher sentence.  Oh I know it's legal, and that's just as disgusting. How did we get to this place where killing babies was legal and killing swans will land you in jail?

God forgive us our insanity, stupidity and heartlessness.
Graphic design by Carla Rolfe