Friday, May 28, 2010

No Sparkle!

So, here's the thing.  The thing is, we live in an entertainment driven culture.  Sports, games, tech-toys, movies... you name it, if it's designed to entertain us, we want it and we want it NOW. I'm not even going to pretend I'm immune to this, since I'm pretty sure even though I try to stay away from that sort of thing, it affects me in ways I might not even realize.  I know it affects my kids as it comes out in their conversations all the time.  I want, can we get, will you buy... I've heard it from all seven of them, ever since they were all old enough to speak.  We do love our toys and goodies, don't we?

One of those things I refer to today, is the teen/tween obsession with the movie Twilight.  Not to mention the sequels New Moon, Eclipse, and however many more movies, merch and foofoo that comes from the book series.  All the hype and excitement over the movie isn't anything new of course, in my teen years it was Grease... Danny, Sandy, etc.  It was a HUGE movie, and all my friends and I saw it a zillion times and could sing every song in the movie (and did, repeatedly, to the horror of our parents, I'm sure). Just like Twilight in our day, there was a ton of Grease merch in every store, and all sorts of girls all around the world fell in love with Danny Zucco.  Gack, perish the thought, but it did happen.

For no other reason that being curious, I rented Twilight when it came out on dvd a year ago. I did a bloggy review of it here, at the time.  One of the things I said was that even though I had opportunity to create fan-based merchandise for the movie, that I wouldn't be doing that.  Well, that's changed!

See, the first thing I said when I watched the movie a year ago and noted that Edward Cullen (lead, pastey-white, emo, sullen, whiney vampire character) sparkled when the rays of the sun hit his skin was... "uh... since when do vampires sparkle in the sun?" Since never, that's when!  For whatever reason that can likely be attributed to some sort of psychological "oh look, shiney!" tactic, Stephanie Meyers (author of the books) decided to make her vampires sparkle in the sun.  On one I site I read about this she explained that their (vampire) skin is hard and reflective like crystals, therefore it sparkles in sunlight.  Yeah, okay. Surrrre it is.

In any event, I have  big issues with emo, whiney, pastey-white, sparkly, sullen, teenage vampires. Therefore, I offer my own contribution to the ANTI-Twilight world, with this very graphic now available on t-shirts both here and here. Unless of course one of the POD companies pull it (like they did earlier, but I modified it and re-submitted it, and it appears its now acceptable) for copyright/policy violation.   Hurry and get yours, in case they pull them again! ;o)

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe