Friday, May 28, 2010

No Sparkle!

So, here's the thing.  The thing is, we live in an entertainment driven culture.  Sports, games, tech-toys, movies... you name it, if it's designed to entertain us, we want it and we want it NOW. I'm not even going to pretend I'm immune to this, since I'm pretty sure even though I try to stay away from that sort of thing, it affects me in ways I might not even realize.  I know it affects my kids as it comes out in their conversations all the time.  I want, can we get, will you buy... I've heard it from all seven of them, ever since they were all old enough to speak.  We do love our toys and goodies, don't we?

One of those things I refer to today, is the teen/tween obsession with the movie Twilight.  Not to mention the sequels New Moon, Eclipse, and however many more movies, merch and foofoo that comes from the book series.  All the hype and excitement over the movie isn't anything new of course, in my teen years it was Grease... Danny, Sandy, etc.  It was a HUGE movie, and all my friends and I saw it a zillion times and could sing every song in the movie (and did, repeatedly, to the horror of our parents, I'm sure). Just like Twilight in our day, there was a ton of Grease merch in every store, and all sorts of girls all around the world fell in love with Danny Zucco.  Gack, perish the thought, but it did happen.

For no other reason that being curious, I rented Twilight when it came out on dvd a year ago. I did a bloggy review of it here, at the time.  One of the things I said was that even though I had opportunity to create fan-based merchandise for the movie, that I wouldn't be doing that.  Well, that's changed!

See, the first thing I said when I watched the movie a year ago and noted that Edward Cullen (lead, pastey-white, emo, sullen, whiney vampire character) sparkled when the rays of the sun hit his skin was... "uh... since when do vampires sparkle in the sun?" Since never, that's when!  For whatever reason that can likely be attributed to some sort of psychological "oh look, shiney!" tactic, Stephanie Meyers (author of the books) decided to make her vampires sparkle in the sun.  On one I site I read about this she explained that their (vampire) skin is hard and reflective like crystals, therefore it sparkles in sunlight.  Yeah, okay. Surrrre it is.

In any event, I have  big issues with emo, whiney, pastey-white, sparkly, sullen, teenage vampires. Therefore, I offer my own contribution to the ANTI-Twilight world, with this very graphic now available on t-shirts both here and here. Unless of course one of the POD companies pull it (like they did earlier, but I modified it and re-submitted it, and it appears its now acceptable) for copyright/policy violation.   Hurry and get yours, in case they pull them again! ;o)

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Line Dried Sheets and other Randomness

There are a lot of mysteries in this world that most of us don't understand and/or can't quite figure out.  Some of the more common ones would be: Nessie, missing socks from the laundry, and Justin Bieber.  Most things in this world fall into the easily explainable category, but then there are those others that no one can really nail down.

One of those mysteries (for me anyway), is what I'll call Avian Discretionary Excrement Bombing.  ADEB for short, this mystery occurs when you hang your sheets on the clothesline to dry and out of the 80 billion acres of open cornfield surrounding your house, the birds specifically target your clean white sheets to deliver their "package".  Now, I love birds.  I'm an avid birdwatcher and yes I even have multiple feeding stations all around the yard.  The one thing I truly despise about birds however, is ADEB.

Here's another mystery:  Why is it that when you pick up a kitten, your arm involuntarily flexes in such a way that your hand brings that soft, fluffy adorable kitten right up to your cheek?  I'm pretty sure this is a global thing, although it might not affect every person who's ever picked up a kitty.  It certainly does affect those in my house, and it's rather interesting to watch.

Oh, and while I'm president, chocolate will not make you gain weight,  milk, bread and laundry soap will always be free, and it will be sunny and 76.4 degrees farenheit every day of the year except for the week of Christmas. During that week it will snow like mad, everyone gets paid time off work, and only Justin Bieber fans will shovel everyone's driveway, for free.

Yep, I've got it all figured out.  Well, except for Nessie, missing laundry socks, and Justin Bieber. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Patronizing Dishonesty

Carl Trueman at Reformation 21 in regards to Ergun Caner who has spun a wild and fake background of himself asks:

"Am I alone in finding it offensive that these people who lay claim to being leaders in the church think that the rest of us are so stupid that we cannot see this for the patronizing dishonesty that it is?" (source)

The short answer?  No, he is not alone in finding it offensive. I find it incredibly offensive. 

The longer answer though, is one that it seems very few people really care about, or wish to read about.  I say "seems" but I admit my perception on that may be incorrect.  From where I sit however, it does seem like there are far more professing Christians willing to make excuses for Ergun Caner's lies than to call them what they are. I like the way Carl Trueman put it in this post:

"Most normal people would regard a cock and bull story concocted about growing up in Turkey and having a background in jihadi culture, if not actually true, then as being a pack of lies put forward for personal gain by playing on American evangelical fears about Islam."

Yep, one would think most normal people would, but the more blind defense of and loyalty towards Caner that I read about and hear about, the more I wonder if that's actually true. Or, and the question should be obvious... maybe these folks are not normal people? I don't say that with malice toward them at all, but you really have to wonder what's going on in the morality and logic department of professing Christians when they excuse a pack of lies, and defend the one lying. Let's be honest here, this isn't a sign of "normal" or right, for someone with a Christian worldview.

It has been said time and time again and I will repeat it here once more: this is an issue of honesty and integrity.  We (the church in general) must not stand for it, tolerate it, excuse it or try to sweep it under the rug, simply because the source of the lies is one of "us".  I still hold out hope that Caner will come forward with a confession of the truth from his own lips, and genuine repentance.  As a professing Christian, there is no other acceptable solution.  Of course that will have serious implications both personal and professional, but that should never stand in the way of doing the right thing before a holy God that you say you love.

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Oh Get LOST!

Yep, I'm referring to the television series LOST.  Now before you click away because you a.) think this is yet another in a seemingly endless stream of LOST speculations about the series finale that was on last night, or b.) are worried this post will be full of spoilers... I assure you it's neither. Whichever side of the island you're on, you're safe. Unless of course the black cloud of smoke comes out of the trees at you.  In which case, you're doomed and don't have time to read this anyway. See you in another life, brutha! :o)

No, I'm not posting to discuss details of the show LOST. Instead, I just wanted to take a moment to ask a question of my readers as it pertains to storytelling.  See, the human family has a very long history of storytelling that goes all the way back to the garden of Eden.  Every family has stories, every community, every country, every culture.  Some are true stories, some are made up stories, and they come to us in a wide variety of ways.  Some are oral, told by older folks and have never been written down.  Some are simple cave drawings or complicated heiroglyphs. As technology has advanced they come in print form in the style of books, magazines, graphic novels, and good old fashioned comic books.  They come to us in the form of movies, computer gaming and television shows.  It seems everywhere you look you can find a story, in some version.  We love our stories, and we love the really good ones with twists and turns, surprises, failures, victories, reunions, moral backbone, heros, good v. evil... and on it goes.

Here's the scenario, then the question:

Let's say 50 people all read the same book last week.  Let's say it's an AMAZING book with diverse characters, good v. evil plot, suspense, drama, humor... it's just one of those books that simply has it all.  A fantastic story that you're really glad you read about, and will likely read again some time in the future.  Let's also say that it was just a given that when everyone finished the book yesterday, when they all got together today, the story in the book is what they would be discussing today.  Not many people in this world would have an issue with that, would they?

So why then, when the story is delivered via prime time, network television series, do people get SO upset about others discussing it?  Is it because it's a tv show and people generally hate tv shows?  Is it because it's not a story they've followed so it's just annoying to them to hear/read so many others discussing it?  Is it (for Christians) because the show was on on a Sunday and fellow Christians were talking more about this story than they were about the Lord (very much in the same vein as sports fans do when the superbowl airs on Sunday)? Yes, that's a serious question. They all are.

Today on FB, twitter and numerous news bits, I've read comments about how the series finale of LOST (and tonight's series ending of 24) is not only the talk of the watercooler, so to speak, but the most annoying thing in the world for those who have either never watched either show, or just don't care about either show. I can certainly understand the lack of interest in the wave of discussions.  I don't care for the superbowl myself, and hear/read a zillion comments about it on Superbowl Sunday every year.

The thing is, it isn't just LOST or 24.  While anyone who really knows me already knows I'm a total LOSTIE and wish Jack Bauer lived next door (although those closest to him tend to get killed, so maybe he should live a few doors down?), they also know that I know it's just a story.  My life doesn't revolve around the tv, but I do have my favorite shows and I'm certainly not ashamed to admit it.  I have favorite cds too, and books, and games, and pants.  I'm not afraid to admit that either but there are some folks out there who get right bent up over the fact that folks actually enjoy the storytelling in the form of a tv show.

So I said all that to ask this:

Why is a story in ANY other form apparently okay and/or acceptable, but a story told via television shows so incredibly annoying to so many people?  What is it about the tv, that gets under people's skin the way it does?

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Girl Pants and The Women Who Hate Them?

Not that long ago, I read a rather humorous review (I didn't save the link) on how to successfully purchase jeans that don't fall into the category of "mom jeans" which give you the dreaded "long butt" illusion. I confess, I did laugh more than a few times reading the article because it's stuff all of us women at one time or another think about when trying on a new pair of jeans. According to the article, Mom Jeans are a fashion fate worse than death, and they are to be avoided at all costs.  In case you're not sure what Mom Jeans are, they're basically the kind of jeans your mom wears.  Generally, they are a solid color (as opposed to stonewashed or bleach faded), they likely don't have any back pockets, and they might even have elastic in the waist as opposed to a zipper and button.

While the review I read was done in a pretty lighthearted style, it got me to thinking about a few things. First of all, it made me wonder why we're (women) so freaked out about wearing mom jeans in the first place.  When I was a brand new mom (meaning, less than 24 hours into motherhood) a horrifying reality hit me as I was changing out of my trendy hospital gear into my street clothes. MY PANTS DID NOT FIT!  I had no reason to think they wouldn't.  I had packed my pre-preggo clothing into my hospital bag and having no idea I'd gained all sorts of baby-pounds, I just assumed my non-preggo pants would fit just fine.  I'd even packed my largest size, just to be sure.  Well, I wasn't sure what to do so it was Mom to the rescue as she brought a pair of her Mom Jeans to the hospital for me.  They were one solid color, no back pockets and had elastic in the waist.  At 18 years old, putting on Mom Jeans was something I never ever ever thought I would do, but there I was, a new mom, in Mom Jeans.  I was at the time very concerned with fashion, so this was like the worst thing in the world to have to do, but I had little choice.

Fast forward a couple of decades and here I am a humble wearer of Mom Jeans, by choice.  It's rather ironic I know, but they're comfy and when you're a busy mom, comfy is a very good thing.  I know (and know of) many women my age (and older) however, that would not only never be caught dead in Mom Jeans, but try super-duper-hard to pretend they're still 22 years old.  You know who I'm talking about, that 50+ year old woman who shops in the Juniors department under the banner that reads "hot" or "trendy".  She wears only those clothes that you would normally see on someone half her age and she pokes fun at her peers who actually wear Mom Jeans.  You really have to wonder though, who looks more out of place, the mom who wears age appropriate clothes, or the mom who tries too hard to dress like a college student?  Us women in North American culture have this twisted idea that getting older is bad, looking our age is bad, dressing your age is bad and striving for youth is where it's at.  Cosmetics companies and clothing designers must really love how vain and gullible we truly are.

While I came away from that article with some valuable information (back pockets are a must, and they should be square, and evenly spaced, and lower rather than higher to combat the long-butt illusion), I have no intention of running out and replacing my favorite Mom Jeans.  I'm totally okay with wearing them, and looking my age.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Sweeties

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Thoughts from the Deck: Daisies, Butterflies and Pig Poop

Yesterday I decided cold-be-darned, I was going to force myself to get some things done around here. I prolly shouldn't have done that, because today I slept in until after 10am and feel worse than I did yesterday. On the up side, I did get some things done.

While I was out on the deck transplanting these once-gorgeous gerber daisies my daughter brought me for Mother's Day, I noticed a few things. The first thing I noticed was, I do not have a green thumb.  However, the wilty-sad appearance of the gerber daisies isn't my fault.  Apparently they looked great at the store on the Saturday night, and by Sunday morning they were wilty.  I thought maybe a transplant into a larger pot would help, but they still look just like this.  I googled about them and it would seem gerbers are rather picky, and do what they want.  I do hope they bounce back, I love them.

The next thing I noticed while I was outside yesterday, was that there were these pretty butterflies, everywhere! I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye while I was working, but I really didn't pay much attention at first.  When I was done repotting the plant I looked up and was quite delighted to see them quite literally all over the place.  They were on the outside wall of the deck, on the deck, on the patio, fluttering around in the air... everywhere you looked, there they were. I love butterflies. I've always said they're like tiny little fluttering rainbows.

While I was watching the butterflies it occured to me how blessed we were this year that when the poop trucks came to fertilize the fields, it rained very hard immediately afterward.  Normally, this is not the case. It's far more common for the fields to be sprayed with the stinky business and then we have to suffer through for days until it rains.  If you live in the country you know exactly what I mean.  If you don't, be glad you have no idea what I'm talking about.  It's sorta funny but, you never realize how many types of conversations you can have with rational, lucid adults, about pig poop and how it compares to cow poop, chicken poop and sheep poop.  No one really wants to have these conversations, but when you live in the middle of 100 acres of farm fields, you end up having them anyway. In case anyone was wondering, Kev and I are 100% pro-cow poop, over and above pig poop.  Your mileage may vary.

Another thought that occured to me while I stood on the deck was: it's sunrise-on-the-deck-with-my-coffee time. From now until early October, weather permitting, I will take my first cup of coffee and my camera and go out on the deck in the morning. The kids being in public school this year changes my morning schedule a little bit, but I'm still going to carve out some sunrise on the deck time.  There is just something spectacularly peaceful about greeting the morning with the birds, as the sun slowly peeks over the silo in the distance.  In our world of noise, noise and more noise, it's a pretty great thing to begin the day with nothing but the sounds of nature. Well, that and the kids inside arguing about whether it'll be the apple juice boxes for lunch, or the mixed berry.

One last thought, and this has nothing to do with the deck.  If you're reading this from a reader instead of actually being at the blog, you've missed some fun new stuff.  (this is the part where you click the link to come right to the blog)  In just a few weeks it will be 6 years that I've been blogging. This blog has undergone a lot of transformations since June of 2004 and so to celebrate my happy bloggiversary, I've given the whole blog a fresh new look using blogger in draft. I've used that format before to add little things here and there, but its been a while since I visited and wowzers, they've added all sorts of great things to really spiff up your blog quite nicely. I think there are still a few more things I'd like to change, but the big work is done, for now.  One of the most significant changes here is that I've dumped ECHO commenting.  I really liked it when it was haloscan, so I payed the $10 bucks for a souped up version when it went over to ECHO, only to be greatly disappointed.  So... going full circle now, the commenting system is back to blogger's original system.  No logging in, no jumping thru hoops.  All the old comments are gone, and I'm okay with that.  Time for a fresh start anyway! :-)

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new look.

New Fun Video

Just because it's fun. :-)

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update Again: Liberty Investigates?

LU officials set to investigate Caner's claims and come to a decision by June 30. (source)

What I find striking about the comments in this article, is that when Christian bloggers asked pointed questions it was essentially dismissed and determined Caner had done nothing morally or ethically out of line (as per the CT article).  Only when the secular mainstream media got wind of it, did they (the folks at LU) decide an investigative committee was warranted. 

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Monday, May 10, 2010

News from Liberty

I found this interesting in light of my post from earlier today:

News & Events
Committee formed to investigate Caner statements
May 10, 2010 : University Advancement staff

Liberty University Provost Dr. Ron Godwin is forming a committee to investigate a series of accusations against Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. The Internet allegations have questioned public statements Caner has made regarding the details of his personal life story. Godwin is forming a committee to conduct an official inquiry with a goal of issuing its conclusions by the end of June. Following inquiries from several members of the mainstream media, Liberty decided to initiate its own investigation. “Liberty does not initiate personnel evaluations based upon accusations from Internet blogs,” Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. said. “However, In light of the fact that several newspapers have raised questions, we felt it necessary to initiate a formal inquiry.” (source)

I only hope truth and honesty prevails in this investigation.

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Liars Among Us

In yesterday's post I said this:

"Considering... the serious and damaging implications of being a known liar. Now this is the one that could really be it's own blog post. So... I will hold off on this one for now, and maybe post on it later this week. Stay tuned, it's not going to be pretty but its something that MUST be said, for the sake of the integrity of the gospel of Christ."

I'll do my best to explain.

When I was a kid I told some other kids that my dad was John Wayne. Part of the reason I said that is because my mom was divorced and the vast majority of the kids I grew up around had 2 parents at home. Kids don't like to feel like the oddball, so I made up this ridiculously elaborate tale about how John Wayne was my dad and the reason he was away all the time was because he was a movie star, making movies. Of course no one believed me, but that didn't stop me from telling the tale. The only good part about any of that was, I was a horrible liar and didn't have the skills to ever convince anyone of my lies. That's a very good thing.

The downside to this (aside from it being sinful and wrong in every way) was that by telling my lies I became known as someone not to be trusted. I didn't realize it at the time, but only learned later that more than a few of my friend's parents didn't really care for me much, due to my reputation as a liar. Even a bad liar earns a bad reputation.

This sort of thing has been on my mind a lot over the last few months as more and more information comes to light regarding Ergun Caner and his childhood/background. If you haven't followed any of this at all, there are tons of places where you can read about it. Do a simple blog search via google on Ergun Caner's name and you'll see all sorts of folks writing about it. Just recently both Christianity Today and the Associated Baptist Press both ran articles on the same subject. CT's article was quite honestly lacking in massive ways, where the ABP article was far more accurate. A very good commentary on CT's article can be read here. The comment I left at the ABP article:

"Either, the folks at Liberty never even bothered to really check any of the facts that have been uncovered about Caner - or - they know his background is phoney and they're covering up for him. Either way, the legal documents are out there now, and it's been proven the man is a liar. That Liberty chooses to essentially do nothing, that Caner himself refuses to come forward in 100% honesty, is an absolute shame of the name of Christ. I cannot imagine being busted in a big fat lie, while calling myself after Christ's name, and then pretending like it never happened. Simply incredible. Shame on them."

Yes, shame on them. All of them. Every single person involved in this (what certainly appears to be) cover up of the truth. Especially because they all have the audacity to profess to be Christians, then either lie through their teeth about the facts, or cover up for those who do. This is entirely unacceptable behavior for anyone claiming to be a Christian, and should never be tolerated. EVER.

Yet, it is being tolerated. More than that, it's being downplayed as if it's no big deal. Caner just "misspoke" a few times, here and there. Right? WRONG. Among the many lies he's been proven to have told one of them that stands out to me is his claim that he was trained up as a Muslim in predominantly Muslim countries, a "hardened terrorist"... trained to do exactly what was done on September 11. He made the claim in such a way that we as Americans should have feared for our lives because of HIM, and the way in which he was raised (see this link with supporting legal documents). Thankfully (whew!) he was converted to Christ and now we can all breath a little easier because there is one less Muslim extremist living among us. Trouble with that is, it's all baloney. According to legal documents uncovered by those who want to know the truth, Caner came to the states as a toddler and was raised as a nominal Muslim at best. But... the truth doesn't get Caner booked for speaking engagements, book deals and nationwide attention as an expert on Islam.

Caner has made so many claims about his past as a Muslim, it's really hard to know at this point how much of what he's said is true, and how much is a complete lie. Not a few people are comparing this ugliness to that of the Mike Warnke trainwreck that so many Christians were conned by, before Warnke was exposed as a fraud in the 90's.

So, back to my original thought: the damaging implications of being a known liar, and how that pertains to the integrity of the gospel of Christ.

Really, it's a no-brainer. If you're not a Christian and you're exposed as a liar it's bad news but it ends with you. If you are a Christian however, and you're exposed as a liar it brings great and awful shame to the name of Christ. Much, much more so if you're a well known Christian.

There will forever be a seed of doubt in the minds of anyone listening to such a person. How can they believe him? How can they believe this gospel he shares? Was he not exposed as a fake? How much of what he says is true, and how can you know if you should believe anything he says at all? Aren't Christians supposed to be honest? It wasn't that long ago that I wasn't a Christian, and those would be my exact thoughts toward someone busted in big lies as Caner has been. I would have never given him the time of day after learning what I've come to learn of him.

With all of this coming to light however, it's still not too late for Caner (and those protecting him, and their own bottom line - in whatever $$ political dance is being done at Liberty) to come forward in total honesty and say "look, I lied, and I'm deeply sorry". We all blow it. We all say things and do things and think things that are unbecoming of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not one of us is perfect and not one of us can say we're "better" than Caner. He just got busted in a bigger way than any of us will likely ever experience.

It's not too late yet. Unless of course the Big Boy Media gets ahold of this story and the folks at Liberty dig in even deeper to cover that pretty bottom line, and pile more deception on top of more deception. They're already trying hard to maintain some damage control with having some videos removed off youtube (of Caner, telling lies at various venues), and according to Elmer Towns (co-founder of Liberty University and dean of the School of Religion) as quoted in the recent CT article: "We don't see any way that bloggers will damage Liberty" it's pretty clear they think everything is just fine. According to them, its not an ethical or a moral issue that Caner "Warnkefied" his background? Apparently not.

The thing is, it isn't "bloggers" doing any damage. Those bloggers who have been writing about this and uncovering legal documents proving the lies (which would have never been done, had Caner been forthcoming from the beginning) have only revealed the "damage" that was already there, but hid from public view. I honestly hope the MSM leaves this alone and Caner and his support come clean with all this. If not, Mr. Towns will most certainly find out just how much "damage" bloggers can do, when they set their mind to uncovering the truth.

I stand behind my fellow bloggers and brothers and sisters in the Lord who have been writing about this and uncovering legal documents showing the facts in this situation. A lot of them have taken a lot of heat for not letting it go, but I stand in full agreement with them that from a Christian worldview, this is an INTEGRITY issue. Any man or woman who proclaims the name of Christ whether it's on a national platform or in the smaller confines of his or her local church, must be accountable to the morality and character of honesty, for Christ's sake. Anything less than that is entirely unacceptable before God, and most certainly should be unacceptable among His people.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Status Report for May

Following in the pattern of Lisa's status reports which I always enjoy, here are a few things I've been pondering that really don't necessitate a full blog post of their own. Well, some could be their own post, but instead they'll get condensed into a status report:

Sitting... at my desk. For now. I really want a laptop now that I have a wireless modem. That'll be the next big purchase for me, Lord willing. I have to find a really good deal, somewhere.

Drinking… coffee with french vanilla cream. Yum.

Wanting... desperately to lose 30 pounds. I have no idea where it came from. I didn't change my eating habits to gain it, it just showed up one day and said "hello fatty, how are you?" I'm sure it all has to do with my age and my metabolism kicking into low gear. I have changed my eating habits now though, and increased my physical activity so I hope eventually this nasty, unwelcomed 30 pounds leaves and stays gone.

Enjoyed... very much enjoyed attending the KALEID choral festival on Friday night. The highlight of the evening was watching Rachel and Samuel sing with a 400+ choir in a gorgeous, old, Presbyterian church. Some may say that the highlight of the evening however was to hear Rajaton, the acapella group from Finland. Indeed they are absolutely fantastic, and I would encourage you to hit youtube and check them out.

Thinking... about moving. For the last few months we've been working on downsizing the amount of junk we have and it really seems like we're not making a dent at all. When you spend 8 years accumulating stuff to fill a house, it takes a LONG time to get rid of said stuff, that you just don't need. Like a closet 4 feet deep in plush toys. What in the world do you do with 4 feet of plush toys??

Anticipating... the end of the school year, but with mixed feelings. The end of the year also marks the end of an era for me. After 10 years of homeschooling, I will no longer be a homeschool mom and it's great in some ways, and sort of sad in other ways. I'm sure I'll post more about that later.

Considering... the serious and damaging implications of being a known liar. Now this is the one that could really be it's own blog post. So... I will hold off on this one for now, and maybe post on it later this week. Stay tuned, it's not going to be pretty but its something that MUST be said, for the sake of the integrity of the gospel of Christ.

Realizing... that I'm running late right now and need to get into that kitchen and make my 24 year old's birthday cake. Its a dual celebration today. Her birthday was last week but we were all sick so we postponed until today.

Thankful... this Mother's Day for so many things. Namely for my own mom who put up with so much junk from such a bratty kid (of course I'm referring to my brother, who else?) through the wretched teen years. For her own faithfulness to being there for her kids no matter what, for always listening no matter what, and for being a genuine friend to her kids and not being a wimp and being afraid to actually be a parent at the same time, and say NO when we needed to hear the word no. She set a pretty high standard that after 27 years of being a mom myself, I'm still trying to live up to. It's a noble standard and I'm honored to keep aiming for it. I love you Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, in whatever form you're a mom. I hope you have a truly blessed day.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Project for Cute Overload

From the time my oldest daughter was about two years old, I began to notice the creepy trend seeping into children's clothing choices. Ever since then, it's only gotten much, much worse. I said more than a few times "I wish I could just make her own super cute clothes myself!" For the last several years that's exactly what I've been doing with my children's clothing at my cafepress and zazzle shops.

The project I've been working on the last week or so is a project that's been on the back burner for a really long time, partly due to a slow computer and slow internet connection. Both have been wonderfully resolved and I've been hard at work doing what I love. I think you're gonna love it too! Without further delay, I'd like to introduce you to my brand new line of incredible cuteness for kids:

Birthday Sweeties - your one stop shop for all things birthday fun!

I hope you'll go and visit the brand new shop, and leave some feedback for me and let me know what you think. I have a bazillion more ideas and partial projects on the go for Birthday Sweeties, so check back again real soon to see what's new!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Store Stuff: Fun Stuff

Since my store's blog is practically a ghost town as far as visitors go, I'm just going to go ahead and post here, what's new in store.
My passion these days are the super cute, easily personalized kid's party invitations (some of the new ones shown below).
So... here's just some of what's new this week:

Just for fun t-shirts:

Fun new kid's personalized party invitations:

Proud new Grandpa and Grandma gifts:

New Mom and New Dad Gifts:

Cute Mom-to-Be Tees:

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe