Sunday, April 11, 2010

This 'n that

So once again, my pc died. The last time was nearly 2 years ago when the hard drive went pfft on me. I know, I know, I have Mac Cultist friends and I already know what they'll say. Silly Mac Cultists :-) I'll take it into the puter shop tomorrow to find out what's wrong with it, and hopefully it's not an expensive fix. For now I have to use the family computer and wowzers-bowzers it's a huge difference. It's old (7 yrs, to be precise) it's slow (256MB of RAM, lol!) and it still has a goofy old bubble monitor. Soon, we really need to upgrade this ole beast but I am just glad we have it and it still runs.

So what have I been up to this week? All sorts of goodies:

• I finally got myself off dial up (or DaiLup as one of my Mac Cultist friends likes to call it). After a bit of homework I learned that the usb modems do in fact work in our area, so we settled on a plan and went and got one. I cannot tell you high speed users how much you've been taking for granted! It is nothing short of incredible how much faster high speed is, than dial up. Most folks don't really remember how miserably frustrating dial up was, but I assure you it's a full-scale pain in the neck 99.99% of the time. For now, we only have the one modem stick (which is fine, it's totally portable so it can be used on either pc) but Kev and the kids want their own on the family pc so we don't have to share. That'll be our next step (along with upgrading the rest of the Family PC Beastie).

• I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet this week, and I'm mixed on whether I really like it or not. I know, who blogs about mops?! Well, I do. So the good things about it are really good, such as it's very light and easy to use, has a great swivel mop head that works quite well, utilizes a bottle of spray cleaner at the very light touch of one button. The one thing about it that I don't really like is that the mop pads themselves are disposable and not re-usable (washable). I suppose disposable is good in some cases, but I'd really like some that are washable and reusable. It would be easy enough to make some myself with some terry cloth, so I think I may need to do that. Terrycloth, nylon mesh and some velcro and boom - reusable swiffer wet jet mop pads. I'm sure that will save a lot of money since I mop nearly every day and could just toss it right into the wash with the whites.

Lacey Frame Wedding Photo Binder• I've been busy at work on my Reflections zazzle shop adding all sorts of new and fun merchandise. One down side about having my computer on the fritz is that I don't have access to my graphics program and I had a bazillion new ideas to work on this week for several new lines. One of the newest lines is the Wedding Shop. Wedding invitations, save the date magnets, wedding photo binders and even save the date wedding postage. You can see all the newest products all across the store right here.

• And now on a completely different note...

Are you one of those people that has a cool "so and so found me on FB and it was so awesome, we hadn't connected in years!" stories? I'm pretty sure we've all heard them, and maybe you even have one. I never did until today. An old friend of mine searching for HS grads found my brother, then saw my name and added me. The funny thing is, just recently my #3 daughter scanned a bunch of old pics and this particular friend was in one of the pics she scanned, so I'd recently thought about him and that "old life" I once had. From the time I was in my teens until well into my late 20s, there was a group of us that remained friends. All through the miserable highschool years, the break ups of boyfriends and girlfriends, deaths of classmates, moving, growing up and having kids of our own, we all stayed in touch. Sadly, over the last 15 years or so none of us have really kept in touch as much so it was really good to hear from Tony today. :-) I've told Kev all about some of the crazy things we all did as younger folks, so when I told him Tony found me on FB he was all "oh how cool!" All through making dinner tonight I told (or re-told) Kev some of the funniest and most memorable things we all did together. Ah, memory lane. The bizarre thing about it is, Kev's stories of his group of friends when he was younger are so much like my own, that we're convinced if we grew up in the same place we would have had the same circle of friends and did some of the same crazy things.

• I can't believe it really, but my youngest grandbabymuffindolly turns a year old this week. Jessica and Joost are having her party on Friday, and we'll all be there to celebrate with her just like we were the day she entered this world and our hearts. Time is going by way too fast. Hailey is a year old this week, and my oldest grandbabymuffindolly is FOUR in August. I wish I could slow the world down just for a little while so I could enjoy it longer.

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