Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Status Report for Mid-April

I always enjoy reading Lisa's status reports, and today I'm going to once again copycat her :-)

Sitting… at Kev's desk using his computer. He's a trooper for putting up with such horribly outdated technology. We really really really need to fix this up for him and the kids.

Drinking… coffee #3 of the day with french vanilla cream

Loving… the sunshine and blue skies. John Denver nailed it when he said sunshine makes me happy.

Wanting… honestly? Wanting to not want so much. I'm speaking of technology here (external HD, new graphics software, etc.) but the worst thing about that word "wanting" is that when I see it, I can think of a zillion things I want. I don't like wanting what I don't have, it's a yucky feeling.

Enjoyed… taking pics of my 4 week old kittens today. They were unimpressed.

Reveling… I don't do a lot of reveling. I'm fairly low-key. Is that bad?

Thinking… about what a normal daily routine was like before I had a computer. It's been a really long time so I honestly don't recall but I'm pretty sure my house was cleaner. I'm also pretty sure that's a good reason to stay offline even more. Easier said than done, but thankfully with this gorgeous weather beckoning me to open windows and do some spring cleaning, it'll be a bit easier. At least during the day.

Anticipating… getting my pc back today from the pc doctor. Ironic, I know.

Considering… the paradox between strongly desiring to be done with this life and be home with Christ for all eternity - and - loving so much about this life and specifically this season of life. While nothing here can compare to the joy that I know I'll experience in eternity, there are some really great things in my life right now.

Realizing… that wrinkle creams, under eye dark circle remedies, lifters, revitalizers and such do not work. I hate looking 20 years older than I really am but after trying so many different (and ridiculously expensive) creams and such, I am left convinced they do NOT work. I give up. From now on I'm telling everyone I meet I'm 65. I look pretty good for 65, eh?

Thankful… that the people I love the most (and love me back) couldn't care less if I looked 40 years older than what I really am.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe