Thursday, March 18, 2010

There's a New Doc in Town

Tuesday afternoon I was just about to get a nice cup of coffee and sit down to listen to the Dividing Line, when the kids came running to tell me Miss Kitty was having her babies!

I mentioned Miss Kitty here recently, if you're a regular reader. We just had a lovely wedding ceremony where Miss Kitty and Turbo were wedded in blissful CATrimony. :-) Just to be clear on ownership: Miss Kitty is actually my grand daughter Jocelyn's kitty. She was an abandoned cat that my daughter took in, but they were unable to keep here at their house, so we took her in here. One of the benefits to living in the country as opposed to the city.

Doc Kitty!In any event, I ran upstairs and sure enough at exactly the top of the hour when the DL was set to begin, the cutest little kitty made his debut. I had a little talk with him and told him that he was making me miss the Dividing Line. That didn't seem to phase him in any way. Since he made his entrace at 2pm on a DL day, I named him Doc, after my friend Dr. James White. (and he was nice enough to announce the birth of the new kitties just after the 30 minute mark on the show!) :-)

In all, there are five new kitties. If you're local and you NEED a kitty for Mother's Day (or just because you need a kitty) there are 4 that will be ready for a new home in the middle of May.

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