Monday, March 29, 2010

Store Stuff: Brand New Mommy Calling Cards

Delicate Daisies Mommy Calling CardsI have a brand new line of goodies at Reflections zazzle that I'd like to tell you about.

Mommy Calling Cards! You may or may not have heard of these before, but essentially they fulfill the same purpose as business cards - except - they're purposely designed for moms.

Having been a mom for a very long time I cannot tell you how many times I've dug through my purse or diaper bag looking for a piece of paper to write a name and phone number down. It's also not unheard of for a mom to fall short of finding a pen and using an eyeliner or lipliner pencil (or a crayon, or marker) to write that number down once she does find a piece of paper (usually a receipt from the grocery store).

Mommy Calling Cards not only eliminate that hassle, they're super cute and completely customizable. Add your name, your kids names and all your pertinant contact information. You can also use the "customize" feature to add a line, delete a line or change the font style on any of the cards. They're the perfect way to exchange numbers with your kids friend's parents, teachers, babysitters or anyone else. These cute little cards are handy for sticking in your wallet, and can easily go on the fridge or in an address book - with all your contact information in one very convenient place.

With nearly 40 styles to choose from (and more coming, very soon) and 8 different paper styles (including the super-awesome, water-resistant and virtually tear-proof "indestructable" style, which every mom can certainly appreciate) Mommy Calling Cards are not only a great way to give out your contact info for those who need it, but they also make a wonderfully unique Mother's Day gift that any busy mom will be sure to appreciate.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe