Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clock Messer Uppers

I do not care for daylight savings time. No, I do not like it in a boat, I do not like it with a goat. As long as I can remember (and that's a really long time, kids) I have never liked it. There is just something 100% unnatural about fiddling with the clocks and then telling your brain and your body and your daily routine that it's a different time than what it really is. It's just mental, and shouldn't be happening in a civilized society.

I wont name any names here, but the person in our house who is in charge of clock-fiddling 99.99% of the time (his first name starts with Kevin) forgot to change the clocks last night. In his defense, he has been on midnight shift for the last 6 weeks (and by default, I have too) so he's already in a time warp and essentially functioning like a zombie (minus the eating brains part, of course). Zombies don't even use clocks, so it's reasonable to understand why they wouldn't remember to change them. Kev also doesn't use twitter or FB anymore so he didn't see the 875 trillion reminders from friends and friends of friends to change the clocks. I did see them, and I did remind him, but somewhere between the reminding and the not doing it, he forgot. The result? I woke up to a dark, gray, rainy morning (highly conducive to sleeping in, even if you didn't plan on it) a full 90 minutes past the time I needed to be up and begin rallying the troops to get ready for church. As if that wasn't bad enough (and it was) the timer on the coffee pot (which turns on very early in the morning and then turns off after 2 hours) had already turned off and the coffee wasn't even hot. Blech!

So that only begins the time/space warp I get to deal with for the next week or so. Generally for about a week after people go around fooling with the clocks, I feel constantly hurried or perpetually late, even if I'm actually right on time. Or... am I? It's a mental thing, and it takes me about a week to adjust. For a long time I thought I was the only weirdo that couldn't handle a little time change but over the years I've talked to lots of people who say it affects them in similar ways. It was much worse when I had babies or toddlers, since it somehow throws their schedules right out the window too. Thankfully, tomorrow begins a week of March break for the kids so that helps.

I'm sure that once upon a time whenever DST was dreamed up and put into play, someone... somewhere... thought it was a great idea. The thing is though, it just no longer makes any sense. Do we really need to conserve coal and candles? Do we really need to have sunlight to play evening games when there are gigantic lights in nearly every sports field? I think not!

So I missed church, feel like I slept in (which really I didn't, but I did, because my clocks are messed up) but now I'm tired, and I shouldn't be because I slept in. Or... did I?

Pfftage! I'm going to have a nap. I don't care what time it is.

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