Friday, February 19, 2010

Workin' It Out

I recently blogged about making some lifestyle changes. Specifically, getting off my rear and getting into shape. When the cooking, cleaning, errands and whatnots are all done, I do a lot of sitting. I sit to blog, I sit to chat, I sit to read, I sit to FB, tweet, design, check my mail and all those other good things we all do online. I've been doing this for years, and the unfortunate cumulative affect of that, is me being dreadfully out of shape. Ironically enough, it takes absolutely NO effort whatsover to get into horrible physical condition. You don't have to do a thing, and all it takes it a while of doing nothing, and before you know it you're a giant wiggly wimp. Being a wiggly wimp is not one of my goals in life.

Therefore, I've made some decisions to combat this. We bought the elliptical and I've been using that every weekday. The tension was messed up at first, but Kev fixed that. Just recently I've finally been able to double my time on the machine from when I first started, and I'm really encouraged by that. I've also increased my workouts to twice a day and even though my quads are screaming "hey fatty, sit down right now!" I'm determined to hush them up.

I have a good friend who's been giving me pointers about warm up exercises and being a consistant encouragement to keep going, and that's helped a great deal.

I have cut back the amount of yummers I tend to enjoy, especially later in the evening when I'm designing and sitting. For those who know me well and know how much I LOVE cheetos, you know this is not easy for me. Cheetos are now a movie night (every other Friday) snack only.

I have another dear friend who has stepped up to the plate and volunteered to be my personal cheerleader! We even have a contest going to see who can lose the most weight by Easter. My friend called me "Skinny" today. That helped. :-) (this is really more about being consistant and getting into shape than losing weight, but I rarely turn down a competition!)

To find out how much weight I'd lose, I had to do the ugly thing and buy new bath scales today. I threw the last one out because it sat on the bathroom floor and yelled ugly things at me once a week. It had VERY bad manners. Sadly, the new scales doesn't have any better manners, as it told me today that I weigh 9 pounds more than I thought I did. So, I will visit this wretched beast once a week and see if I can help it learn some good manners, and see how I'm doing in the weight loss/fitness contest.

So that's what I'm doing to get off my hiney and get into better shape. I'm curious, with spring and summer just around the corner, are you doing anything along these same lines? Got any great ideas for a good workout? I'd like to hear from you!

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