Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the Rainy Day

Sometimes it's rather interesting and unexpected, what will rally your kids around and cause such excitement.

I'm in the process of fixing up my upstairs bathroom (paint, curtains, etc.) and when I was shopping yesterday for new curtains, I found the most curious little item. A plastic jug (about the size of a large mayo jar) with a plastic screw on lid and a slot in the top for coins. Embossed on the side are the words "Rainy Day Fund". Seems simple enough, but this little rainy day jug has a twist.

Rainy Day Fund... so far!Inside the lid is a battery powered mechanism that registers each coin you drop through the slot. It counts the coin then displays the total amount of change you've deposited in the jug on the bright and easily readable LED display on the top of the lid. I thought it was rather clever when I first saw it, and just last week Kev and I were talking about starting a coin fund again and using one of the old coffee cans. I really liked the rainy day battery powered jug, so I brought it home.

The kids were still at school but I showed Ruth how to use it, and she immediately started scouring the house for change to drop in there. Then when the kids got home and they saw it, they all excitedly ran around the house as well, looking for change so they could take their turn with the jug. Between what was in my wallet and what the kids rounded up, we managed to deposit a little over $9.00 in the rainy day jug since yesterday.

Awesome, cool, neat and amazing were some of the words I heard used to describe this nifty little jug I brought home. Then they all decided they each need one for themselves, so that they can start saving their own change! I thought that was a brilliant idea, and I loved seeing them so excited about saving money.

I had no idea the kids would find this thing so fascinating, or the amount of good stewardship type of conversation it would generate. Pretty amazing how sometimes it's really the little things, that make such a big difference.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe