Saturday, January 23, 2010

This, That & Some Other

None of this is really worthy of an entire post of it's own, so it's another miscellaneous ramblage of stuff:

• Celebrity Christians

I know it's been hashed & rehashed, but today the thought occured to me that we (Christendom) have this horrible tendency to esteem certain people over and above others, in the household of faith, especially when it comes to prayer requests that come our way. Now before anyone gets all defensive and stuff, let me just say that I'm sure I've done it as well, without even really thinking it through. Example: I get a prayer request for Joe Famous Christian, and a prayer request for Joe Obscure Servant. Both need prayer, but for whatever reason my thoughts are focused on the Joe Famous. Why? Well, I think it has a lot to do with our culture that tells us famous people matter more than every day people. Somewhere in the back of my brain that message is there, whether I want it there or not. I see examples of this all the time on blogs, twitter, etc. I'll see a prayer request for someone no one knows, and never see it mentioned again by anyone. Then I see a prayer request for someone we all know, and see it mentioned over and over again, in various places. I certainly do not wish that we not pray for Joe Famous, but it seems to me we certainly ought not be respecters of persons, among the household of faith.

• Facebookery

Seems like as good a word as any to describe reactivating your FB account, updating your pics, clearing out your friend's list and that sort of thing. That's what I did yesterday and a great big hat tip to Kim for walking me thru all the new privacy controls. FB has changed quite a bit since I was last there in August of last year. Its kind of funny to me that I've had FB for years and I still don't know how to use all the different features. Some I just never cared about, some never worked due to dial up, and some were just stupid in the first place. However, it's nice to see so many family members there (and all their pics). The weird part is seeing so many people I grew up with (on other people's pages) and how much they've either changed, or stayed exactly the same.

• Product Review!

Herbacin Hand CreamI have what I call PC elbow. No, my elbow is not politcally correct. It's computer elbow. In the winter months I almost always wear a fleece sweater in the house, and while I have my sweater on I do what I always do at my computer chair, and tend to lean on my left elbow a lot while I'm designing. The combination of the cloth against the skin and the skin against the arm of my chair causes my elbow to get really irritated. I've used all kinds of creams and lotions for it but nothing really makes any difference. Until NOW, that is. The new product that I found is a German product called Herbacin hand cream. I suppose it's the combo of the ingredients but whatever it is, after using it the first day (I've been using it for about a week now) the skin on my elbow is completely healed, and even softer than my other elbow. This stuff is amazing, and I heartily recommend it. Go to the site here for all the info, and all their other products. I just love it when I find a product that does what it claims. :-)

• Elliptical Illusions

Okay, so I have determined to get into shape. We bought an elliptical, brought it home and Kev put it together. This past Monday was my "start date" and every morning at 8:30 am I get on the machine. I keep track of my time, distance and calories burned, so I can chart my progress and make an effort to increase my time at least a little each day. We have the tension setting set the to the lowest tension, because we both figured working our way up, would be good. I was a little dismayed at first when I discovered I could go no more than 2 minutes without feeling like my legs were going to explode, but I just chalked that up to 27 years of having kids, raising kids, being out of shape big time, and needing to start really really slow. Imagine my surprise then when yesterday we discovered that when Kev put the machine together he didn't calibrate the tension correctly at all! I have no idea what setting it's really on, since all settings feel like the same exact tension. He's going to take that apart on Monday and fix it, so it's accurate. It may turn out that tension 1 is still really hard for me, but that's okay too. As my friend DK reminded me the other day, it's one step at a time. That's my only goal right now!

• Babyface

Several friends commented to me privately after I posted the picture the other day of myself and my oldest daughter Caryn. They all said pretty much the same thing, and wondered if I was about 12 when I had her. It never really occured to me how young I look in that picture, until I looked at it again today. In case anyone was wondering, no I was not 12, I was 18. The grand age where you think you've got it all figured out, know what you're doing, where you're going and how you're going to get there. Twenty seven years and countless detours, pit-stops, failures, successes, changes and maturity make you laugh at that silly little 18 year old girl. While becoming a parent at such a young age did indeed cause me to grow up a lot, and very quickly, I had no idea how much I didn't know at the time. It would be an awesome thing to go visit that very young lady and tell her what I know now, but of course we can't do that. We can however make every effort to impart life's wisdom to our kids, and hope they listen and learn without having to make their own countless detours and pit stops a long the way.

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