Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Stuff - FREE Stuff - Store Stuff

So, what have I been up to this week? A couple of fun things in the "store stuff" category - a major change and a VERY cool Reflections Giveaway! Read on for details:

What's New at Reflections?I made the decision this week to cancel the Reflections Apparel weekly e-flyer I'd been sending out for the last 5 years. I made that decision because I found something better. Better, faster, easier and just like the weekly e-flyer, completely voluntary on the part of the reader.

Much easier for me, because there is absolutely NO coding involved on my part. Tweaking the code each week for the e-flyer had become something I really didn't look forward to anymore, so it was time to do away with that. Instead of the weekly e-flyer, I've opened a page at Facebook. Some of the great benefits of having this page:

Daily or as it happens notification on new products, sales, giveaways, and more. This replaces the very outdated once a week e-flyer that was limited to cafepress' once weekly ability to contact subscribers. The improvement allows us to notify you immediately if we've got a special, time sensitive coupon code, or any new goodies in store.

A fun, Happy Customer - Reflections Gear photo album! Do you have a favorite Reflections product? Send us your picture and we'll include you in the photo album as well!

A much broader range of products to choose from. Reflections brand is available on A LOT more gear than what you may have realized. Be sure to click the INFO tab on the page to see where you can purchase Reflections brand.

Updates weekly on our most popular products across all our fulfillment partners. This will replace the PopTee of the Week (because what's hot this week may not always be a Tee!)

Product notice interaction. We love feedback and we'd encourage you to leave a comment any time. We'd encourage you as well to share any link you see at Reflections FB with your friends, so they know where to get awesomely cool, family friendly gear!

And now, for something cool... and FREE!

To celebrate the fun, new changes, I decided to have a Facebook FAN giveaway!

Giveaway details:

1. You must be a fan of Reflections Family Friendly Gifts.

2. When we reach 100 fans, there will be a random draw from all the fans (so be sure to tell your friends!)

3. The chosen winner will have their choice of any one of our amazingly soft & comfy unisex value tees from our cafepress shop (there are over 200 great designs available on the value tee, so browse now to find your favorite!)

Reflections Value Tees Giveaway!

That's it! If you're not a fan yet, be sure to do that now and then tell your friends too so we can hit 100 and give away a cool t-shirt :-)

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe