Monday, January 4, 2010

January Status Report

I'm sort of stumbling (fumbling?) through something I read the other night, and I was going to post about it today but I'm not really sure I'm ready to articulate my thoughts well enough to do that just yet. The subject of that article is Christian parenting, and it honestly reads (to me) like basic training in boot camp, more than anything else. Its really unnerved me but I'm not ready to really "take it on" so instead of that, I'm going to copycat Lisa from Lisa Writes and her status report:

Sitting... at my desk, listening to Ruth play the Sponge Bob xbox game. The dialog on the actual show is quite clever, but on the game they just repeat the same phrases over and over. Its rather annoying, but the kids love the game. She's already done with her lessons for the day, but we had a short morning. I don't like to load her down on the first day back from a vacation, but instead sort of ease her back into a work routine on day one. Tomorrow it will be all the regular things, plus a science lesson outside, if I can stand the ridiculously cold temps.

Drinking... coffee, french vanilla style. I lost count of how many refills I've had already. Up since 6am sharp, so this must be at least #4. Maybe 5.

Thinking... about what room to tackle first, to get my house back in order. I love decorating for Christmas, and we never take anything down or put any decorations away during the Christmas break. I start doing that the first Monday back to work/school, and that's today. I should have my non-Christmas house back by Friday. Except for the miniature village, that stays up year round.

Loving... getting back into my usual routine. I love vacation and days off as much as anyone, but I don't function well without a set routine in place. I get very lazy very quickly and that's never a good thing for a mother of 900 kids.

Anticipating... exciting news from daughter #4 as she returns home from school today. Today is her first day at a brand new school so she should have lots of exciting things to tell me. Her new school has a very comprehensive program in place for developmentally disabled students, and she struggles with academics so much they put together a wonderful educational plan for her. After meeting her teacher and seeing the classroom, I think she will do quite well there, and we're all pretty excited about that.

Dreading... the next 3 months. I have privately determined not to whine and moan and groan about the cold, the snow, the ice, the shovelling, the freezing kitchen and all that sort of thing I've been known to do for the last 8 years in this drafty old farmhouse. Instead, I will focus on the fact that the extreme cold will only last for 3 months or so, and that's really not so bad. I'll spend these three months being crafty instead of being a discontent. (someone please email me and remind me I said that, when I whine about the cold, okay?)

Starting... my own version of Extreme Home Makeover. I'll call mine Subtle Home Makeover instead. First thing is getting rid of tons of clutter, then I'll decide what to do after that's done.

Reading... nothing right now (other than the Bible of course). My reading habits have taken a back seat for quite a while now, and even though I love to read, I can't seem to get back into the habit. Part of it is, I always feel guilty just sitting there doing nothing while there are things around the house that could be tended to. Even when all the daily chores are done, there's still more that could be done, and sitting with a book makes me feel lazy. Maybe that will change next year when all the kids are in school full time, and I have more time to do such things.

Liking... my new carpet cleaner that I received as a belated Christmas present. If I had my own way all of the time, my house would look and smell like a house to be featured in a Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot. Of course I don't have my own way. I have kids, and dogs, and cats, and messes, and spills and stains and all that kind of thing. At least now with this awesome new carpet cleaner, I can attack those spills and stains immediately and keep the carpets looking and smelling nice. I know, I'm so boring it's somewhat disturbing, isn't it?

Nervous... about pending dental work I need done. Back in August I had major surgery done and the only thing I really remember about the actual procedure (I praise the Lord for medication) were the 2 freezing injections I received in the roof of my mouth. I was sedated but even with that, the pain was beyond words. I wont have to have anything else like that done again, but it does take me a bit of psyching myself up, to call and make a dental appointment.

Planning... a New Year's Savings budget and a trip either out west or down south, for next summer. It all depends on various circumstances which direction we're going, but we're excited about both/either trips.

Stopping... coffee consumption for the day. I've had too much already and I'm starting to feel sorta sketchy. I think I'll go do some laundry now.

Have a fantastic Monday!

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