Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cat Diapers

I really don't know what it is with me these days, but I can't seem to get it together to save my life. I try, really I do, but as soon as I think I've got it together, I realize I don't and *poof* there goes my feeling of accomplishment.

What do I mean by that? Well lets see if this rings any familiar bells with the ladies:

I go to the kitchen to wash the dishes. On the way, I notice some dirty socks and a hand towel in the mud room, so I grab those and head for the laundry room. I stop in the bathroom on the way and grab another dirty towel and the pajama pants someone left on the floor. Because clearly, that's where they go. I scoop those up and notice two plastic cups and grab those as well. I deposit the plastic cups in the kitchen and grab the scattered hand towels and make my way to the laundry room, again. I get in there and realize the wash needs to go in the dryer and the dryer load needs to come out before I can start another load. I do that, then sort the laundry and start load #3 that will need to be folded that day. As I scooped the small kitten sized lint sheet out of the lint filter in the dryer, I noticed the laundry room trash needs to be taken out, so I do that. Then I remember the bathroom trash needs to go too, as well as the kitchen trash. I head to the bathroom to grab that bag and notice the counter top is messy and the floor needs to be swept. I take the bathroom and laundry room trash out and head to the kitchen to get a fresh cloth and the broom. I notice the kitchen floor needs to be swept as well. After I finish the bathroom and deposit yet another hand towel into the laundry room, I notice that floor also needs to be swept. I sweep that floor and head back to the kitchen to wash the dishes, but realize I need to fold the laundry sitting on the guest bed in the laundry room, before the next load comes out and the next load goes into the dryer. I decide to go wash the dishes first.

I clean the tables and wipe down the counters, then sweep the floor. I notice the coffee is low in the pot and make another. I don't feel like washing the dishes just yet, so I head into fold the laundry first. On the way, someone shouts "mom, the upstairs toilet is flooding again!" so I grab every freshly washed towel on the guest bed in the laundry room, and take off running upstairs. I shut the water off, plunge the barbie head or hotwheel or whatever it was my genius child decided to flush, then lay down all the towels to soak up the water. One by one I wring them all out into the tub and toss them in a pile to take back down to the laundry room. On the way, I notice a shirt here, some pants there, more dirty socks and pajamas. I gather all the laundry I see upstairs and head back down to the laundry room to sort it again. Dryer load #2 of the day comes out and onto the bed, washer load goes into the dryer and the freshly toilet water soaked towels go into the washer. The load that should have gone in next, will have to wait. Maybe till tomorrow. Or the next day.

I go back into the kitchen and smell that freshly brewed coffee. My, but it smells nice doesn't it? Okay, just one cup while I sit down for a minute and check my email. Wait a minute, what did I come into the kitchen for in the first place? Oh thats right, the dishes. Those will have to wait until later. As well as the living room, dining room, upstairs bathroom that desperately needs a cleaning (or a bomb, which would be easier), my room, and the kids rooms that look like they haven't seen a vaccuum since 1946. And the cat's litter boxes, those definitely need to be scooped. Why can't they just wear cat diapers and why can't someone just show up once a day to change them? Who's brilliant idea was it anyway, to have cats? Oh that's right, it was mine and I love my kitties. I will need to repeat this often as I scoop. Oh, and the hardwood stairs. Since when did we have carpet on those stairs? Wait, that's dog hair. Why do we have dogs, and why is their hair on my stairs and not not their bodies where it belongs? Dogs were certainly not my idea, I know that for a fact. Gotta sweep those stairs immediately, this is disgusting... but nope, those will all have to wait, because I still need to do the dishes, and I'm now terrified to get up again and head to the kitchen.

It might be a good time for nap instead, and pretend this wont happen again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

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