Friday, January 22, 2010


The other day I received an email from Windows Live, thanking me for being a hotmail user for 10+ years. In the email were a few snippets of what was hot/trending 10+ years ago. Windows 98, Spice Girls and cell phones being mostly an annoyance. I never had 98, never liked the Spice Girls, and just recently bought my first cell phone. I've never been much for hot trends.

I like to look back though, and I do it often. Today marks a very special day for me, because today was the day twenty-seven years ago, that I became a mother. You have to say it really slow, like "t w e n t y. . . s e v e n. . . y e a r s" and with a scary movie announcer voice, to get a fuller affect of what it feels like to be a mom to a 27 year old. In so many ways, it's just a very surreal feeling that my oldest child is 27.

Carla and Caryn, a very long time agoI remember the day Caryn was born like it was yesterday, and it was nearly 3 decades ago. It's very odd how time and memories seem to stand still, no matter how much time has actually passed. When Caryn got married last fall, I was determined not to cry at all at her wedding, but as I approached the reception line and saw my beautiful daughter in her gown, my throat started to hurt, my nose began to sting and I couldn't stop. Was that my baby-muffin-head-sugar-bug-plum standing there, a grown woman, getting married? Yes, it most certainly was. It doesn't seem to matter how much time has passed since she was a baby, she is still my baby.

Happy birthday Caryn! The calendar might say you're 27, but you're still my fluffy sugar bunny. I know, totally sappy. :-) Some things never change.

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