Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here a Gizmo There a Gizmo

I've been meaning to blog a few things over the last week but it's just been so hectic around my house I don't seem to have the quiet time to think and write. So instead of that, I'll just toss out some Carla Style Miscellaneous stuff:

Ten years ago for Christmas Kev bought me a really nice computer chair. Compared to what I had at the time, it was top of the line. For the past 10 years I've sat in that chair to chat, blog, design, email, do the banking, and every other thing most folks do in a computer chair. It certainly served me well, but about a month ago it started to really let me know it was time to replace it. I was sitting here when all of a sudden the little handle that raises or lowers the seat gave out and down I went. It was actually kind of funny, but the more it happened the more annoying it became. Kev put a clamp on it to stop it from doing that, but then the seat itself began to sort of come loose from the bolts and wobble here and there making me wonder if the next time I leaned back too far if it was going to literally dump me into the floor. Its kind of striking how it was in perfect working condition until almost 10 years to the day it was first assembled, and then once it started to fall apart, it did so quite rapidly.

Imagine my surprise then, Christmas morning when I opened a great big box from Jessica and Joost (I knew what it was, it was the only thing I wanted that would require a box that big) that had the words "bonded leather managers chair" on the side of it. Kev and Joost worked to put it together for me after all the gifts were opened and breakfast was consumed. It's the most awesome computer chair I have ever sat in. With a real high back and padded leather arms, its like the Rolls Royce of computer chairs, and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to sit in such comfort.

Since Christmas when all the kids (big and small) opened their gifts, it really hit me what an electronic age we live in. From Nintendo DS to mp3 players digital photo frames and xbox games, it seems thats where everything is headed. While they're all fun and I certainly enjoy the electronics I have as well, there's a nagging voice in the back of my mind that says something along the lines of "but what when the power goes out?" I have no real reason to think society is going to be plunged into some kind of long term electronic outage like in a thriller/sci-fi type of movie, but I do wonder if we're not relying on electronics far too much. I have a dear friend who had a computer crash recently and lost her entire address book. Now of course we all know keeping back ups and copies and all that is important, but back ups can fail as well. I have never used an electronic address book, but instead keep all my important addresses in an old fashioned paper address book that requires little more than a pen or pencil to edit.

Even while I say that, I plan on finally taking the plunge and getting a cell phone in the next couple of weeks. It's important to me to be able to be reached by those who might need to reach me, and with living where dial up is our only online option and having 5 people share that line (I have my own dedicated line) it's nearly impossible for anyone to ever get through. A pay as you go cell phone is the perfect solution to this. However, just doing the research before buying one makes me realize just how quickly technology has zipped right past me and left me in the dust. In the mid 90's I was the only one in my family to own a computer, and friends and family would come to me with questions about how these things work and I knew all the answers. Now, I have to ask my own kids how so many things work, since the technology so readily available far surpasses anything I can even understand. Funny how that all worked out.

And to think, even with that nagging voice in the back of my head saying to be cautious of over-dependency on technology for practical and entertainment purposes, I think I really need Guitar Hero for xbox. My daughter and soon to be son in law brought theirs out for us to play with Christmas day, and I discovered I REALLY LOVE THAT GAME. I can imagine it would easily become addictive as one tries to become better and better at it to eventually move to expert level. I played for a couple of hours and barely got the hang of beginner!

In any event, it was a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas, even with all the gadgets and gizmos and whatnot.

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