Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thankfulness: My Children

It's sort of funny the things you notice when your circumstances change, that you never noticed before.

For example, I've noticed that when all the kids are home on the weekends, how hectic it is in my house. When we were homeschooling all of them, I never really noticed that. But now during the day it's just Ruth and I most days, and it's very quiet. We have our school time and then she finds something to entertain herself with, and it's just a very quiet home. It's been a really long time since it was quiet in my home during the day and I while I dearly love the quiet, it's a little unsettling sometimes. I think I'm just so used to the hectic, quiet seems unnatural now. It's a sneak peak I think of what it might be like many years from now if I am still here Lord willing, when all my kids are grown and on their own.

For me, this is a very odd sort of transition time. With my oldest three already being grown and on their own, two of them having children already and the other planning for children very soon (you heard me Caryn and Eric, babies!!! lol), the youngest four still at home and two of them entering into the teen years very soon. With three of them in public school this year and one still at home, I'm wearing so many hats at once it's rather odd when I really think about it. I am mom, grandma, mother in law, teacher, taxi driver, and more. I can't recall a time in my nearly 27 years of being a mom that this role had as many diverse aspects than it does right now. While I talk to my oldest three on messenger almost every day, sometimes I sure wish I could just shrink them all down to little girls again and have them all at home.

Grandma and HaileyEven though it's an odd transition time, it's a very, very good time. Today after church daughter #3 and soon to be son in law brought my pleasantly plump, adorably cute grand daughter out and had dinner with us. A good example of how odd it feels to wear different hats all at once, was while I was sitting on the floor playing with Hailey and Ruth. I wonder if it sounds weird for Ruth to hear others call me grandma, while she calls me mom? It does for me sometimes, as I still don't feel old enough to qualify for grandma status. For some goofy reason, I think I'm supposed to look like Mrs. Doubtfire before I can rightfully claim that title.

In any event, I'm so very thankful for all my kids. Caryn, Eric, Jennifer, Nick, Jocelyn, Jessica, Joost, Hailey, Jordan, Rachel, Samuel and Ruth. Yep, all 12 of them :-) In their own ways, they're all crazy, silly, brilliant, beautiful, faulty, funny, loud, introspective, idealistic, artistic, stubborn, independant, determined and very much loved. Likewise, I am most certainly the furthest thing from the perfect mom or grandma, but I am honored to be called that by them.

We are family and that means the world to me.

By the way, we've officially now run out of seating in the living room. If anyone knows of a local source for a used couch in good condition, I'm in the market. Thanks. :-)

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