Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful Saturday

In keeping with the theme of the month of thankfulness, I have another random list of things to be thankful for today:

• I am most definitely thankful for Old Man Winter taking his sweet time in arriving in southern Ontario. While we have had some rather cool days and few flurries here and there, overall it's been a very mild late fall. Right this minute, the kids and their friends are all running around outside and playing on the trampoline (which was already put away this time last year, or it would have been covered in a foot of snow), in nothing but fall jackets. I know this wont last too much longer so I'll just be very thankful for the mild weather while it's here.

• I know I've said this before but I'm going to repeat myself by saying I'm so very thankful that I have the freedom and the opportunity to work from home, doing what I love to do. Not everyone can say that, and I know I'm blessed to be in this situation.

• I am certainly thankful for my washer and dryer. While I sat in the living room earlier folding the week's worth of laundry that piled up on the guest bed in the laundry room, instead of looking at it and thinking "gack, I hate folding laundry" (which I do, by the way), I looked at it and thought "how blessed am I that I have machines that did the hard part of all of this?"

• This may sound silly, but I am thankful for slippers. More specifically, I am thankful for the kind that have really thick soles and actually keep my feet warm. Once my feet get cold it's all over for me, so keeping them from getting too cold is a priority. I have awesome slippers that do just that, and I sure am thankful for it.

• I'm thankful for Kevin's sense of humor. He doesn't ever take himself too seriously and when he does things like walk through the back door with a bouncy gait and impersonating Juan Epstein (Sweathog, Welcome Back Kotter, remember him?) and saying "hey hey Mistah Kott-tehhh" (yes, he does stuff like that all the time), he knows it will make me laugh no matter what kind of day I've had. Often, Kev and I will have a discussion about something ridiculously trivial and yet somehow we turn into George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld and start debating the finer, complex points of whatever dumb thing it is we're discussing. I'm not really sure why this happens, but it's rather funny and I'm thankful for it. People should laugh a lot more, life is too short to go through it looking like a scowling Richard Nixon.

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