Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

The other day, Kev went to Tim Horton's for our usual round of coffee treats. When he got to the drive thru window to pay, the cashier told him the lady in front of him had already paid for his order. Now I ask you, just HOW cool is that!?

As soon as he told me this when he got home, I decided right then and there that the next time I go through the drive through for coffees, I'm paying for the order of the people behind me, and doing a pay-it-forward sort of thing.

I'd like to encourage YOU to do the same, if at all possible. It doesn't have to be a drive thru thing, you could do it at the store for the person in front of you with a small amount of groceries (or a whole basketful if you can swing that!), or the person at the post office buying a book of stamps, or the person at the gas bar just in front of you paying for his or her gas. Those are just off the top of my head, so if you have other ideas on how to pay-it-forward this Christmas season, please do leave a comment and share! Also, if you've had this happen to you or if you've done it yourself, I'd love to hear from you. I realize this isn't an original idea, but it's the first time someone did this for us and I just find it so cool I want to shine some light on it, and maybe motivate others to do the same!

Please do spread the word, I'd love to see tons of comments on this from folks who paid it forward, or were the recipients of such kindness. It's not every day the kindness of a stranger brings a smile to someone's face, so we were sure thankful for that. Let's all be a kind stranger this Christmas season, and who knows... maybe it'll become an awesome trend!

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