Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's the Little Things

I'm not exactly sure what all the factors are that create the monumental difference between big city attitude and small town attitude, but there is a remarkable difference indeed.

The closest little town to my house is a five minute drive up the highway. One of 13 communities that make up the township I live in and I'd guess the population is around 500 people. It's a very small village but they have just about anything you'd need. Gas stations, a grocery store, doctors, dentists, hardware stores, coffee shops, cafes, post office even a bridal shop and a physical therapist office. It's where I go if I just need a few things.

Today I needed a couple of boxes of replacement lights for our Christmas lights, and I knew the hardware store was open until 4:30, so that's where I went. As I remarked to Kev later, you know you're in a small town when you walk into a busy hardware store full of complete strangers on a Saturday afternoon, but the atmosphere and the attitude is so welcoming you feel like you just walked into Grandma's house on a family holiday.

The thing about living in a small community like this is that no matter where you go, folks smile and nod and say hello. If you ask for help in a store, they genuinely care about helping you find what you need. If they don't have what you need, they'll offer to order it and give you a call when it comes in - or send you across the street to the other store that might carry it.

Living in this community reminds me so much of the town I grew up in, and the friendly community it was 30 years ago. Today (and every day) I am deeply thankful for small town attitude. Too bad we can't bottle that and sprinkle it over larger towns and big cities.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe