Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UPDATED: Christian Worldviews? YOU'RE FIRED!


I first read about this a week or so ago and I just can't get it out of my head. There are just too many complicated, unanswered questions and concerns that arise from such a scenario.

From what the media reports, here is the scenario:

A young Christian man at work is approached by a homosexual female co-worker. Knowing how the young man feels about homosexuality due to his Christian worldview, the female co-worker mentions four seperate times about her wedding to her homosexual partner. After the fourth mention the young man calmly responds with his opinion on homosexuality. Not long after, the young man is fired and receives a letter from his former employer stating in part "While you are entitled to your own beliefs, imposing them upon others in the workplace is not acceptable and in this case, by telling a colleague that she is deviant and immoral, constitutes discrimination and harassment". The young man denies ever using those words to the co-worker, but instead says that what he told her was "Regarding your homosexuality, I think that's bad stuff." The young man says he feels he was intentionally goaded into commenting about the homosexual marriage.

Peter VadalaIn case you haven't heard about this case, I am referring to the case of Peter Vadala being fired from the Brookstone store at Logan airport in Boston, Mass. The news article is here.

WND also has an article here, with a bit more detail.

The first question that comes up for me is this:

If, according to the employer's policy, imposing your own personal beliefs on others in the workplace is unacceptable, was the homosexual co-worker also fired for her conduct? If not, why not? It certainly seems to me that this is exactly what was done on her part, and yet it was the straight, Christian man who gets fired.

This brings me to my next question:

Let's pretend the young man in the story was a Muslim. In our culture of political correctness gone insane and acceptance of marginalizing those with a Christian worldview, do you think the young Muslim man would have been fired? I think we all know the answer to that question, if we stop for a minute and think about it.

Which brings me to my next question and one that is more important than anything else:

If this were you, how would you respond? Let's say you're approached by a co-worker or a fellow student in school, and they go on and on about their homosexual relationship. Do you tell them the truth in love, or do you remain silent for fear of repercussions from your workplace or school? I think this is very important question, since this is the world we all now live in.

I find it rather interesting that at least in this case, a Christian was expected to tolerate offensive subject matter, and when he didn't he was fired for it. I wonder if we'll ever see lawsuits brought against employers for subjecting Christian people to offensive subject matter in the workplace? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. It would certainly seem in our day, that the days of free speech are in serious jeopardy... that is, if you're a Christian with a Christian worldview. For at least this young man, being a Christian in the USA cost him his job. I honestly never thought I'd live to see the day, but it's here.

So what would YOU have done if you were this young man?


A friend pointed me to a short post and long discussion thread here this morning, on this very case. Some very good points have been made and I would encourage anyone to go and read it.

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