Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pet Peeve Saturday

Okay I have lots of pet peeves. I guess I'm just one of those people that are easily annoyed by stupid things. For example:

• Transformers (the movie, and the sequel). So we rented it (the sequel) and watched it and enjoyed it (mostly for the special FX which are just so cool!) but the whole time just kept thinking "it's so wrong that this wasn't made for kids". See, kids would LOVE these movies, but you can't let them watch because of the stupid sexual innuendo and bad language (way more of that in the sequel, than the original). The thing is, it wasn't made for kids anyway, it was (both) made for kids who grew up playing with the Transformers toys and are now adults. So, they toss in some "adult" content and totally ruin a movie that could have made a fanstastic family movie. YET... and this is the most annoying thing of all - they STILL market the movie TO kids, and the movie merch TO kids.

• Breast Cancer awareness slogans that turn a very serious health concern into a sex theme, or a joke. Maybe you've seen them, maybe not, but being in graphic design these things cross my desk a lot. Slogans that say things like "don't let cancer steal second base" and "I'm running for the boobies". Trust me, those are the tame ones. Whatever knucklehead came up with these stupid slogans should be completely ashamed of themselves. But, I guarantee they're not, and making money off them. Things like that cause me to mourn the death of shame in our culture.

• Non-Calvinists that have absolute NO idea what Calvinists actually believe, yet choose to spout off and declare themselves well educated on the subject (and in reality only proving how little they actually do know in the first place). Then, even worse, blogging or tweeting or facebooking their messed up ideas as if they're factual, when all they are is warmed over, moldy, smelly, rotting strawmen that should have been burnt up years ago. Then, along comes another non-Calvinist making the same claim about his shiney wisdom on the subject and backing up his claims by saying something like "I know this because I read so-and-so's site and he knows!" when so-and-so is the person who blogged, tweeted or FB'd his messed up ideas. It's so annoying, and you can't just say "please shut up until you know what you're talking about" because thats mean and stuff. Yet, even when you tell them "look, you do NOT know what you're talking about" they still don't want to hear it. They have their man-made traditions and ideas and they've got a death grip on them that will not be broken.

There, I have vented and now I feel tons better. Sort of.

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