Monday, October 12, 2009

Making Good Time

I'm not sure when I last logged into my bloglines account. It used to be at least 2-3 times a day, seeing "what's new" and what folks were blogging about. That was a long time ago however, as the last year or so I have tried to make better use of my time and found that in doing so, reading blogs has taken a back, back, back seat. There are still a few I read every week, but as I look over the stats of my bloglines numbers this morning I truly wonder where in the world I ever found the time to read so many blog posts every single day.

I have blogs set into different sections, and in the The Men section, there are 810 unread posts. In The Women section there are 130 unread posts, and T-shirt News has 170 lonely posts that wanted me to read them. I confess I did not just sit here and read them all, but instead marked them all as read, and cleaned the page.

It's been a gradual shift from daily blog reading to monthly blog reading (I think it's been about a month since I logged in to bloglines), but have found that it was a very positive move. Reading blogs and following topics, issues and conversations on blogs can be very addictive and entertaining, and in my case I found it also ate up a huge amount of my time that really could have been better spent elsewhere. Such as...

• Putting in a garden this past spring that eventually yielded some awesome carrots, beets, onions and tomatoes. I'll be serving some of those yummies today for Thanksgiving dinner.

• Targeting one room at a time in my home and completely overhauling it. Starting with basic cleaning, then tossing out stuff I never use, moving furniture, painting, repairing, etc. I've done one bedroom from floor to ceiling and after hanging some new curtains in there and getting an extra space hearter it will be complete. I've already begun the next room (the laundry/storage room) and have a good long way to go before that room is done! Next is the loft, which I'll be turning into a spare "rec room" for the kids. They don't know it yet, so that's going to be an awesome surprise for them.

• Spending more time on graphic design, which I absolutely love. At the suggestion of many I recently updated the custom design page of my main site.

While technology continues to march forward and we continue to have all kinds of nifty tools and toys and apps to do amazingly cool things, I've slowly begun to detach myself from most of all that and spend more time on happy homemaker type things. Being on dial up I can't do much anyway, and it just continues to become more and more complicated all the time. It's frustrating for sure, but it's good too in that I just walk away and find a project around the house to devote my time to.

giving thanks todayToday is Canadian Thanksgiving, and in just a short while, I'll be in the kitchen for a few hours, prepping stuffing, cooking beets, putting a turkey in the roaster and all sorts of other goodies. The fresh, homemade pumpkin pies are cooling in the fridge, and when I woke up this morning the sky was a bright blue, while the grass was sporting a fresh coat of sparkly frost. It's perfect Thanksgiving weather today (and perfect for taking a nice brisk walk after the meal later on!) and I have tons to be thankful for. Not the least of which, is unplugging (so to speak) and making more of an effort to not be sitting at my desk all day long being involved in this topic or that subject or one endless project after another. It hasn't been easy for me to tackle the issue of time management and begin to make better use of my time, but it was something I knew I needed to do, and thankfully I have made some progress in that area.

And with that, it's time to head to the kitchen.

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe