Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ramblings of Me

Not that anyone asked, but no I have not given up blogging. I've just been so outrageously busy that I don't have nearly the time to sit and write lately, that I did before. Lots of changes in RolfeLand since the kids started back to school - and I've become a dual PS/HS mom again. One of the biggest changes is that I actually go to bed at a normal time again, and get up long before the sun does. That's taking a bit of getting used to, for this nightowl.

In any event, here are some random things rattling around my brain lately:

• I've come to realize that if someone is SO up to speed on blogs, news, entertainment, fads, trends, etc. that they might be considered the go-to guy (or gal) on all these things, that in all liklihood they have a dirty toilet, kids that want their attention and laundry hasn't been done in way too long. You just can't be so informed about things without spending massive time on it - and if you do that - someone or something else in your life is suffering for it. I know this from firsthand experience and I'm not proud to admit that. Just another one of life's lessons I suppose.

• Creating boutineers without using an actual flower for the center, is not as easy as it sounds. When you're only using fall leaves, fern, ivy and berries... it's sorta tricksy! Attempt no. 2 will commence this evening, with new fern leaves. Pics to come, assuming I'm as crafty and creative as I seem to think I am.

Jordan and Samuel
• Jordan and Samuel's birthdays being 2 weeks apart, they have always liked to have one BIG birthday party on the same day. This past Saturday we celebrated their birthdays (Jordan 12, Samuel 9) and it was lots of fun, except I woke up Saturday with some kind of brutal intestinal funk-o-rama, and spent the day chugging Pepto-Bismol like it was going out of style. All tummy issues aside, I don't know how much longer these two will be wanting the one BIG party since they're growing up way too fast, as all kids tend to do.

• Speaking of kids growing up too fast, I'm thoroughly enjoying the two newest and shortest members of my family these days, Hailey and Turbo. Turbo is Rachel's new kitty, and he's lots of fun as most new kitties are. Hailey wasn't too sure what to make of this stuffed animal moving around in her seat, however.

Hailey and Turbo

• Speaking of Hails, I can't believe she's going to be five months old this week. You know, I always knew I'd very much enjoy being a grandma, and this adorable little ball of grins makes it so easy to do. All you have to do is talk to her and her face just blooms into a gigantic smile. She's one of the happiest, sweetest babies I've ever been around - and I don't say that just because she's my WaileyBailey Muffin Monkey. I've been around plenty of snarky, tempermental babies in my day, even some of them my very own.

Grandma and Hailey

• Speaking of kids who were snarky, tempermental babies, I also can't believe it's only 10 more days until my oldest gets married. I'm going to cry, I know it. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about the actual ceremony and I started to cry. Why do mothers cry about that? It's not as if she's not already all grown up, after all she IS nearly 27 years old. Yep, I'm going to cry. Good time to invest in a quality waterproof mascara so no one thinks Caryn invited Alice Cooper to her wedding. (Although they would wonder why Alice was wearing what my other future son-in-law has called a goth vampire dress, but that's another blog post, completely. He's Dutch, so I guess to him Celtic looks more like goth-vampire? I'm not sure, we'll sort all that out later).

• Speaking of vampires, we've begun renting season 3 of Heroes (which has nothing to do with vampires, oddly enough) and Hiro just cracks me up. I'm going to start calling bad people "nemesis" just for fun. We've only seen the first 5 episodes so no spoilers in the comments, please! (not that anyone EVER comments on this boring old blog anymore anyway, I'm just sayin'...) By the way, is it creepy that I had a dream last night that Syler got his eyebrows professionally thinned? Yeah, I thought so too.

• Last Friday was the anniversary of 9/11. I actually went out of my way to not think too much about it, because it still makes me cry. Driving to the store I had the radio on and they played Don Henley's In a New York Minute as a backtrack to audio clips of the major news channels reporting the breaking news of that horrific morning. While driving and listening to that I nearly had to pull over when the crying started all over again. My heart goes out to those still trying to adjust to life after 9/11.

• Speaking of adjusting, a few folks have asked how we're all adapting to public school after so many years of homeschooling. It's rather early to really give a report, but the kids are enjoying it very much. Rachel especially loves French, music and art, Samuel is loving the idea of field trips and playing with all the other boys his age at recess, and Jordan is already signing up to help monitor the little kids at recess. Academically, none of them are having any problems, but this is the week where they really get into the work, so we'll have a better idea at the end of the week how they're doing there.

• Nearly any time I post about my store or new designs or sites I'm working on, the crickets get REALLY loud, but I'm going to share a few things about that, all the same.

Prayer JournalFirst, I've lowered the price of my Prayer Journals. Not that I don't think they're worth every penny of the current price, but I want folks to order them, so I'm lowering the price. I have a new one myself (the one shown here is the new one I have) and I want to tell you, they're GREAT! I buy them in the lined version, but you can get blanks, grid or task journals. They're double spiral bound so they can lay open nice and flat. The front and back covers are a nice sturdy plastic, and the print quality of the front cover is simply amazing. The colors are rich and vivid, and just pop off the front cover. These are not just throw-away-notebooks, they're meant to last and made to last for those who enjoy journalling and want their journals to hold up over time. (The price of ALL journals has been lowered - not just on the Prayer Journals).

Next, I'm working on a brand new site to showcase all my designs. It's a lot of fun but it's also a lot of work, considering I have over 3,000 designs that fall into various categories and subcategories - and that's AFTER discontinuing many of them just in the last couple of months. The new site makes shopping so much easier and it's a very easy to remember url as well. I'm not going to share the link just yet as I have loads more work to do on the layout and adding products, but I hope to have the site done in the next couple of weeks.

Autumn Me

I think that's all going on in my head right now. There's probably more but I have other things to do so whatever I left off this time, I'll mention next time. Unless I forget it and/or decide it wasn't worth mentioning, which is entirely possible. Like mentioning dying my hair a deep ebony probably isn't worth mentioning, but that's what I did, to cover over the old blonde streaks I put it in last summer. Fall is always a good time to de-summer my hair and go back to my plain old brown. Probably not worth mentioning, but there you have it all the same.

Have a great week!

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