Saturday, September 5, 2009

Help Solve A Retro Woodstock Mystery!

I found something rather interesting in my garage today.
Tacked to the wall inside a tool cupboard was this piece of paper:

It's not very easy to read, so here is exactly what it says:

Collegiate Institute
School Yell


Kininney, kininney, kininney, knight,
A hullabo, hullabo, hullabo, height,
Rickety, rickety, rickety, right,
High up, sky up, red and white
Boom alacka, boom alacka, bow wow wow
Chick alacka, chick alacka, chow, chow, chow
Razzoo, bazzoo, Johnny get your kazzoo
I skiddy I-I-I
Zig-a-boom, zig-a-boom, zig-a-boom-ba

Based on this awesome school yell (and assuming this paper used to be white, and the printing is red - and based on this uber-red website for WCI), I'm going to guess that the school colors were red and white, and this was the Woodstock, Ontario high school yell somewhere in the mid 1950's?

If anyone reading would like to put their google-riffic skills to use and help me solve this mystery, that would be great! Added bonus if I could get a Woodstock Collegiate Alumni to shed a little zig-a-boom light on this.

Boom alacka, boom alacka bow wow wow!

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