Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes, I *AM* Anti-Obama

The FOX news headline reads: "Anti-Obama Merchandise Surges Amid Growing Doubts Over Obama's Policies"

Yeah, RIGHTFollowing right along with the old saying "art imitates life", this is hardly "breaking news". For all of us that shook our heads in amazement and disbelief that anyone (anyone, let alone a Christian, or a thinking, conservative, red-blooded American) would even consider voting for Obama to begin with, this is definitely not news.

Believe it or not, there are A LOT of us out here that a.) wouldn't have voted for him for any reason, ever and b.) make it a habit of letting our art speak for our position. Some of us "trinket sellers" knew all along there'd be a high demand for ANTI-OBAMA t-shirts, ANTI-OBAMA bumper stickers, and more.

Who's laughing?Quoting the Washington Times article "Trinkets that stick it to Obama start to sell", the articles quote Amy Maniatas, VP of marketing at as saying "You see it as a direct response to some of the promising messages that happened a year ago. Whereas we had the campaign of Obama centered around hope, and it was a very optimistic message, now they're asking: 'How's that hopey-changey thing going?"

American Socialism, anyone?Hopey-changey indeed.

No, we're not psychic, but we saw it coming a long time ago. As an interesting sidenote, those two articles combined (as of this writing) already have over 250 comments from readers and they're only hours old.

I had very recently discontinued my 2008 ANTI-OBAMA merchandise and designs, but by popular request I've re-opened that shop with several brand new designs and a section entirely devoted to anti-Obama bumper stickers. There are a lot of people that are quite simply disgusted with the Obama administration, and for them, anti-Obama t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons and various other items are the way to let THEIR voice be heard.

The re-designed ANTI-OBAMA shop is here, for you to be among those who are also anti-Obama and continue to exercise your right to freely express your opinion. Enjoy it as long as you can, because you just never know when that might be on the fuzzy-wuzzy, hopey-changey list as well.

(Comments are always welcome but if you happen to be ProBama, please do not expect me to engage you in a political, and/or conservative/liberal debate. If you have a ProBama position you are certainly welcome to link to that in the comment section and we'll all be glad to read that at your link.)

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