Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Lightning Strikes

The weather forecast today said 60% chance of thunderstorms. No big deal, that's a typical southern Ontario summer forecast. What they neglected to mention, was that the forecast would change to SEVERE t-storm alert, and that the lightning would be frequent, intense, and hit a tree by our house:

The pictures don't really capture the amount of damage done to this tree, or the whole path of damage. It looks like the lightning struck all the way at the top, traveled down then took a turn about halfway. There are very large chunks of this tree (the pieces formerly attached to the tree) about 50 feet in every direction, and smaller pieces all over the place. It was pretty amazing to see close up, what lightning can do to a tree. It was also purely God's mercy it didn't hit one closest to the house, or hit the house.

This one is split in half now, so it'll have to come down just like the last one demolished in a storm (that one was an ice storm in March). I wish I knew a local chainsaw carver who could come and turn these stumps into something awesome, like an eagle landing or a heron standing on a perch. That would be cool. :-)

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