Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Four Pigs and a Beagle (UPDATED)

Nope, this isn't a new sitcom coming out this fall, it's a true story about life on a pig farm!
Today just after lunch Ruth came to tell me there were 3 little piggies running around the yard. Of course I assumed she was telling me a story, since the piggies in the barn are in a highly controlled, heavily secured environment, and are never allowed out of the barn. Ever.
Not long after, Rachel came running in the room all excited and said "Mom, there's a baby piggy out back!" Well, once in a blue moon, one of them do manage to sneak out, although I'm not really sure how they do it. We've lived here 7+ plus years and it's only happened twice before, that we know of. Once several years ago, and then again just last month.

Rachel ran out to the barn to let them know they had an escapee, and of course Tulip the nutty beagle had to follow her. At this point, Tulip had no idea there was a pig there (just to the left of the truck), since she was on the other side of the truck, from the pig.

The picture here doesn't really do justice to the reaction Tulip had when the pig crossed in front of her. She sort of contorted into a very bizarre position and let out a yelp, with her back end shaking and her head cocked to the side. The piggy picked his speed a little and took off along the south wall of the barn toward the corn, while Rachel waited for someone to come to the door.

With Tulip immediately behind him!

The girls raced behind the east side of the barn to help find the pig, but without success.
All of this took place around 1 pm, and within the next few hours we indeed realized it wasn't just one little piggy, but indeed there were FOUR little piggies out there having the adventure of their little piggy lives.

As of 8pm this evening, they were still on their little farm safari, when I went out and saw them cruising along the west side of the barn along the corn line. Even later around 10, Kev and I went back out with the big flashlight and saw the little herd back all the way on the other side of the barn, along the corn line there.
I don't like to think about what will happen to them when they're finally caught and taken away, but for now, they're on a great and exciting adventure together, in the corn.
UPDATE - Four Pigs and a Beagle - The Sequel

The four little piggies were never captured yesterday, since they dashed off into the corn which makes a great hiding place.
This morning I woke up to Tulip, barking like crazy in the kitchen. When I looked out, I saw why. Our little piggy quartet had found their way into the yard, and were rooting around in the bushes under the dining room window. Here are some new shots from this morning:

We felt safe and well-protected from the vicious beasts, since Tulip was out there with us. Her strategy was to periodically run around in circles, take two or three steps toward the pigs, bark, then turn and run half way through the yard in the other direction. The pigs completely ignored her.

They were finally rounded up this morning and taken away to where they take little rebel piggies. I do hope they had fun, with their Great Barn Escape and cornfield camp out, last night. It was quite likely more fun and adventure than most little piggies in Pork Country ever have, in their whole lives.

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