Thursday, July 23, 2009

There But For the Grace of God

I think the worst possible time to really need to use a restroom, is when there is no possible way you can use a restroom. Say for example when you're travelling down the highway, the closest rest area or service center is still an hour or so away, and suddenly you find yourself stuck in what used to be 4 lanes of flowing highway traffic, and is now a very large parking lot.

This is what happened earlier this week on the westbound 401 just west of Toronto. The thing is, on the 401 I have found many times that by the time the parking lot turns back into flowing traffic, you're at a complete loss as to why the traffic stopped in the first place. No road construction, no accidents, no flying monkeys or any other things going on that make even a tiniest bit of sense as to why the traffic slowed to a crawl, or came to a complete stop.

On Tuesday however, this was not the case. By the time we were all funnelled into the righthand shoulder and making our way past the cause of the back up, it was pretty obvious what happened. A one car accident is what the traffic news station had said, but what was munched up and mangled on the far side of the highway barely even resembled a car. The top was completely gone, the windshield was a good 30 feet away leaning against the median, and various sized pieces of the car were littered all the way across all four lanes, and went on for at least 100 feet or so. This car was so smashed in, we were convinced no one could have survived that. The news today however, is saying that they did. Two women with serious but non-life threatening injuries were transported from the scene just before we got there. News reports say the car rolled at least once. I'd guess by the looks of the car it was probably several times.

It really made us all take a long pause for thought. Thoughts of God's mercy, thoughts of how incredibly minor it is to be needing a washroom and inconvenienced at traffic jams, when other people have just gone through something so horrific as a major car accident, or worse. Thoughts of how they needed God's hand of comfort far more than we needed to be getting home from vacation, and thoughts of just how incredibly blessed we are that we did have a wonderful time on vacation.

For me personally it made me think also about how (speaking for myself only, I'm not sure how common this is among believers) sometimes it really bothers me that I don't pray and give thanks for all the GOOD, nearly as much as I feel like I pray and cry out to God for all the not so good. I don't ever want to find myself regretting that I didn't give thanks for all the blessings in my life. Big ones, little ones, and all sizes in between. Every day that I have with my kids, my husband, my grandkids and my extended family is indeed a blessing to me. Every time the paycheck goes into the bank, every time the car or van starts when I expect it to, every time I go to the kitchen to make dinner and there is plenty of food to cook - those are all straight from God. His provision, His blessings, His care.

I never want to take that for granted, and never want to find myself getting too comfy with so many of my modern conveniences that make my life so easy. It's very easy to get spoiled by them, and forget that they could all disappear over night.

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