Friday, July 10, 2009

(UPDATED) Calling All Cherry Experts: Recipes Wanted!

Father's Day Cherry TreeSix years ago for Father's Day, I bought Kevin a scrawny little cherry tree, about 6 feet tall. It looked healthy, but the guy at the nursery said it'd be a while before it really produced.

We brought it home and planted it, and today it stands at about 30 feet (I'm guessing, it might even be taller than that - the ladder here is an 8 foot ladder) and for the first time it is literally exploding with cherries. It's had fruit before, but nothing like this - branches are just loaded with yummy, dark red cherries! I'll be headed out after dinner today to pick them before the robins get fat on them.

I'd like to put these beauties to real good use, and other than cherry pie (and eating them out of the bowl) I really don't have any ideas on how to use them. So I was wondering, do you have an awesome cherry recipe you'd like to share with me?

You can share it in the comments, or send me an email if you prefer. I'm looking forward to cherry yummies!

Here's round one:

I expect it to take at least 2 more rounds with the ladder to get them all, which should yield roughly 6 pounds of cherries, by the time I'm done. I'd like to let them get a little darker but the birds are already having a block party in our tree!
Well, I went back out for another round and since my ladder is only 8 feet tall, it looks like round 3 (the ones at the very top) will have to be left for the birds. All totalled I think I have around 5 pounds of cherries. Now... how about those recipes?

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