Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well, I'm Happy

You know, life is funny. The longer you live, the more likliehood there is that you will accumulate for yourself, a lot of joy a lot of sorrow a lot of success and triumph and a lot of failure and grief. It's just the way it works, this thing we call life. The longer you live the more seasoned you become by what life has to offer, in that you begin to realize it's not all a bed of roses, and you also begin to realize that the hard times and the painful times will not last. These things come in cycles and at times ordained by the Lord for His glory - even if we can't ever make sense of them in our own minds.

This time of year memories of some of those hard times tend to flood back for me, and it's pretty hard to ignore them. At the same time, there are so many wonderful things going on right now that it's also impossible not to feel so incredibly happy and joyful. My oldest daughter just graduated from college, my third daughter just made me a grandmother for the second time, some of the younger kids get to begin a new adventure with going to public school in the fall, and just last night I had a telephone conversation with a dear friend and his new bride, that just left me grinning from ear to ear.

If you've read Campi's blog lately, you know he just announced his marriage to his gorgeous bride Cindy. I had the blessing of speaking with both of them on the phone last night as they relayed the details of the events of the day (some of which almost made me cry, others which made me laugh outloud). Now, while I am not in the habit of repeating my telephone conversations with others, I know Steve and Cindy will be okay with this because it's just fantastically wonderful news. Kev and I were supposed to be there at the wedding, but due to circumstances out of our control, we were not able to do that. That made me very sad, so hearing all about the wonderful day over the phone last night, just blessed my heart.

As I prayed last night, I thanked the Lord for them both, asked Him to bless their new family abundantly, and also thanked Him for letting me be so truly happy for them, when it would be so easy to set aside their good news for all the private, unpleasant things going on that certainly aren't so joyful to deal with. Like most people I suppose, its pretty common for me to dwell on the bad stuff and not really celebrate the good stuff the way I should. Scripture is crystal clear - if there be any GOOD (and oh dear reader look around, there is massive amounts of good!), think on these things. I just don't do that enough, so in the last several months that has been a diligent prayer of mine and our God has been gracious to steer me that way.

So these days I walk around a little happier. A little more content, and a little more hopeful. I rejoice with my daughter for finishing college, my other daughter in being a new mommy, my younger kids in their anticipation of a new adventure in public school and with Steve and Cindy on the blessed union of their brand new marriage.

There is so much good to dwell on. Find some for yourself and dwell on it today, and tomorrow, and the next day. If you catch yourself smiling, its a real good thing.