Friday, June 12, 2009

Since I've moved... sorta...

For those of you who've linked to my Reflections cafepress store at your blogs, sites, etc., I need to ask you a favor.

Since I've branched out to various merchandise suppliers (better range of style selection and prices) I have created to be the central location for all my designs. Rather than running all over looking at different shops, you and your blog/web visitors can just go to 1 place and look around there. So, what I would like to ask you to do then is to edit the link you have for Reflections Apparel and gifts, and point it instead to

There is another reason I'm asking you to do this as well. Now I want to say this without sounding like a disgruntled designer, because the truth is, I'm not. My main shop is cafepress, and I truly love them. Their products have stood the test of time (and improved greatly, I might add), their shipping is FAST, and the customer service is simply excellent. However, they are in business for themselves and they've recently changed a policy as it pertains to the designers that design (and make up the marketplace) and use cafepress's services.

Without going into all the minute details, as of June 1st cafepress has a new policy in affect that effectly lowers (significantly) the profits that designer will make, IF a customer purchases a product with their design on it, from the cafepress marketplace. Essentially what they've done is begun charging us designers a hefty fee to have our products in their marketplace for shoppers to choose from. It's not legally worded that way, but that is the way it works out. You want your products in their marketplace, you get to pay a large fee for that rent space. My products are still there, but I would much prefer it if you (the customer) would browse directly in my shop and avoid the marketplace completely, for purchases of Reflections brand merchandise. The more people that buy directly from my shop, the less money I lose every month to the marketplace "rent". The added bonus is, if you head to first, you get to select from a much wider variety of product styles and prices! I've partnered with printfection, skreened, zazzle, online shirtstores and more. You'll never even see those styles, if you're going in through the cafepress marketplace.

If you haven't yet linked to my store (or have, and have used the old logos and url), and would like to (google gurus tell me google will like me more if more people link to me), I've added a feature on the goodies page here that will allow you to do that! I do hope you'll consider linking to Reflections and promoting family friendly online shopping. Let me know you've linked in (you can just leave a comment on the very same page), and I'll be happy to list your blog/site on that page and let my customers know where they can find great blogs & resources!