Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Me Meme - Again

You may have seen this meme before, or some variation of it. I think I've even done a version of it here before. In any case, it's fun, easy and is sure to make you laugh. I know it's long but trust me, the more items on the list you do, the funnier it gets! It was even funnier that some of the phrases I googgled actually pulled my own blog up! That was boring so I picked a different one for those.

All you do: using the words in bold and replacing your first name with mine, google the phrase, then post the first one on google's list (unless it's vulgar or morbid, then pick the next one):

Carla thinks she's a kid again!
Carla remembers that I made her feel at home
Carla believes that passing this on to lawyers yet today is still good advice
Carla heard Joe Williams at the Blue Note in New York.
Carla wishes she had these products years ago.
Carla denied having told her cellmates that she was going to receive a two-year suspended sentence in return for her testimony
Carla admitted in the letter that she was not a vegetarian
Carla pretended to be caring
Carla hates shopping and would wear the same pair of trousers every day if she could
Carla Loves Photography
Carla said “Mrs. Obama Does Not Wear Fur"
Carla noticed a real need for a service that helped men and women build wardrobes
Carla thought how tiny and precious she looked
Carla saw the Shalako god
Carla went to school wearing two pink ribbons in her hair
Carla was wearing white and got punked
Carla whispered urgently
Carla smelled bad
Carla wrote at 7:58am yesterday
Carla married Pierre
Carla had heart and a great personality
Carla attended Salem Elementary School
Carla prepared all the meals for the family or for guests, and she is an excellent cook
Carla laughed at him and said, "You silly fella! Nobody's going to hurt you here!"
Carla cried, “I don't want to move to Texas!”
Carla looked at Robert, tilted her head and gave him a lovely smile. "Come on" she said, "let's get on with our dinner.
Carla called me at 2am and told me, 'VoilĂ , he's no longer here.'
Carla is "Simply Streisand" in every way.
Carla cannot compete with classy Michelle
Carla has never made it on the top of my favorite list
Carla created the flowers for my daughters wedding
Carla fell in love with classic Swing music from the Big Band era
Carla cooked an awesome chicken, sausage and tasso gumbo for all our friends and family to stop by and eat.
Carla will be speaking at the Women of Power and Influence Panel
Carla can be customized to any foot shape
Carla tried opening the door
Carla failed to bag the role, but surprisingly, she has landed the lead role in the Filipino adaptation
Carla says something in Spanish
Carla wonders if the big blue train out of Tennessee will ever get their due
Carla ran away after a series of sometimes violent arguments caused by her mum's long-standing alcohol problem

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you do the meme and blog it please do let me know, I'd love to read yours! If you don't blog, feel free to leave your list in the comments here. Yes of course it's pointless and takes a few minutes to do, but it's funny and we could all stand a few more laughs these days.

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