Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How come?

Okay, I have some questions. They're totally random too, so don't expect any kind of theme or anything. Ready? Here we go:

• I clean the kitchen so well, you could eat off the floor, literally. Everything sparkles and it's quite lovely. How come no one ever comes over unannounced right after that, but instead they come over before I've scrubbed and polished everything in sight?

• 10 yr old daughter comes inside and begins a statement this way:

"Mom, while eating lunch and jumping on the trampoline..."

Why is it, that a) this doesn't phase me in the least and b) I know this isn't going to end well?

• What in the world is the reason for airing feminine protection products on cartoon channels between 3 and 5pm, when the target audience watching is primarily 10 and under?

• How do you stop an animal from using the carpet for a toilet? (barring getting rid of the animal and/or carpet)

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