Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tori Stafford: Still Missing

Ever since the disappearance (now officially classified as an abduction) of little Tori Stafford, I've had quite a few visitors to this blog looking for information on the case. I blogged about it the day after it happened (here) and have been updating it with relevent news articles quite often.

I honestly wish I had some kind of good news to share about this case but I just don't. It's now been four weeks since she was taken away, and she's still missing. My heart goes out to her whole family. I just cannot imagine the pain they feel but I do pray they're finding support and strength from those who are close to them and love them.

Last week we took the kids out for ice cream and we drove right past the street where Tori was last seen. I felt a heaviness in my heart just driving by the area. I do pray that she is at least safe and well cared for wherever she is, and that she would be reunited with her family very soon. I realize that goes against what the statistics say, but I also realize it's entirely possible that she's not in a dangerous situation, even if seperated from her family.

I wanted to update and share with you some good resources for updates on this case.

If you're a twitter user, here are some folks/resources to add on twitter to make those updates even easier to follow:

@findtorinow, @lfpress, @PJatLFPress as well as this link: (just add tori stafford to your searches and save it)

Please do join in the prayers that Tori be found soon, and reunited with her family.