Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom Rocks


A fellow Christian tweeter (I know, it sounds so strange) asked yesterday:

What is it about your mom that you're grateful for?

Well, I could list so many things about my mom that I'm grateful for, but she reads my blog and doesn't like it when I go on about her. Therefore, out of respect for her I wont do that. However...

I do have to mention at least ONE thing about my mom that I am dearly grateful for. The fact that she raised her kids with a sense of humor. Not that she routinely laughed at us or anything (although I'm sure she did at times) but that she taught us how to appreciate the funny things in life. Over the top things, every day things, oddball things and everything in between. There were many constants in my life growing up, and one of those things was always laughter in our house. Raising three kids as a single mom was in no way easy, but the laughter was always there.

To this very day, almost all my conversations with my mom include a smarty-pants comment (and response) from either her, or me, or both of us. I dearly appreciate that my mom has a great sense of humor, and passed it along to her kids. This same kind of interaction goes on between me and all my kids, on a daily basis.

Life is often hard, and if often hurts alot - it's a great thing to know how to laugh.

I love you Mom - Happy Mother's Day!!


I called my mom this evening to wish her a happy Mother's Day and she told me she read my post. She gave me permission to say other things about her so here we go!

- She's always been a great example of someone with a solid work ethic. Even when she would have rather been home with her kids (because we're all such angels) she had to work to keep our home running. She worked hard to keep her family going.

- She's always been a great example of someone who is there, no matter what. No matter if it's a physical need, an emotional need or problems that seem impossible to overcome, mom has always been right there to offer whatever wisdom or assistance needed.

- My mom set the bar for me when it came to budgeting money, and that's something I'll be thankful for, forever. She would carefully set out her bills, her notepad and her budget and make sure everything was paid on time, and checked off the list. I watched her do this countless times growing up and put together my own system when I moved out on my own. There have been many periods in my life when there was literally no money to buy both food and pay to keep the lights on, but by God's grace and the wisdom mom imparted on budgeting, I managed to do both. Life hasn't always been so rosy, but if I didn't have the budgeting skills I do, it would have been so much worse. I'm definitely grateful to my mom, for this one.

- Last but definitely not least, I am eternally grateful to my mom for taking her kids to church on Sunday. It was there in a little basement Sunday school room in the little white church on 11th street somewhere in the late 60's that a little girl who probably had the attention span of a gnat, heard the gospel of grace for the very first time. Sunday after Sunday, the gospel message was delivered and even though genuine conversion didn't occur for another 30 years, it was directly due to my mom that this verse rings true in my own life:

"I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase." - 1Cor. 3:6

I am very grateful to my mom, for lots of things and I'm especially grateful that she said it would be okay to tell about some more of those things. :-) Yes mom, you ROCK, so there!