Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Blogfodder

Friday Blogfodder!Believe it or not, it's been over a year since I've done a Friday Blogfodder! Originally a weekly feature here once upon a time, but with a busy schedule and being somewhat scatterbrained a good part of the time, it just sorta fell by the wayside. Today however I have several thoughts on my mind so here we go:

• Did you know you can publish your blog to Amazon's Kindle? Yep, you sure can, and if you click right here you can get started. Do create a brand new account with amazon for this, however. I've published this blog and my store blog to Kindle this week, for Kindle users who might like to read my blogs on-the-go. You can see this blog subscription here and the store blog subscription here, to get an idea. The only trick now is to make sure I'm posting $1.99 per month worth of good material at both, to make it worthwhile for Kindle users! Guess I'd better start managing my blog time a little better if I'm going to make that happen.

• Speaking of Kindle, I really really really want one. I've wanted one since they first came out but now that they have Kindle2, I want one even more. I've add it to my Carla's Wish List and will just hope someone thinks I deserve such an outrageously cool toy. If not, I'm saving up for one because I know I'd use it TONS. I'd use it for reading all kinds of books, blogs, newspapers and one of the seriously cool features of the Kindle2 is that you can set it to read outloud to you! It's true, you can select male or female voices and it will read your material to you. I can think of such great uses for this for SCHOOL, that it makes me want one even more. I have a hunch Kevin would be borrowing it as well!

• I'm not sure if it shows up in an rss feed (I don't subscribe to my own blog) but I've added a handy little retweet button for twitter users. If you're already a twitter user, you know how they work. If you're not a twitter user, clicking on the retweet button will allow you to grab the headline of any post and repost it at your twitter page, to share with others. I've seen this button on several blogs lately and found it quite handy so here's the instructions on how to add it to your blog.

• In store news, people ask me quite a bit where I get my inspiration or ideas for new designs. Truth is, all my ideas come from everyday life. Funny or profound things people say, or maybe a sign I see on the side of the road that would be much more clever if re-worded. This past week an idea came to me from a tagline in a fwd of a fwd of a fwd of an email. I read it and thought chocolate earththis MUST be on a t-shirt, it's critical to get this message out, immediately!!

Hence... The logic is simply inarguable. Earth is indeed the only planet with chocolate, therefore if we have any hope at all of saving chocolate, we must each do our part to help save the earth! You can join this most worthwhile cause by shopping at chocolate earth and letting all your friends know where to get their chocolate earth gear. There's a huge variety of t-shirts for all ages, household goodies, vinyl stickers for your car (yes, my car needs one and will be getting one immediately) and much more. Please do your part, your fellow chocolate earth dwelling chocoholic needs your support!

• Finally, an item in the news that SERIOUSLY got on my last nerve this week was something that has been repeated for several weeks now. In regards to the whole Miss USA hoohaa, journalists have repeated the line numerous times that "Carrie Prejean caused a controversy when she gave her answer to the same sex marriage question". It's been worded several different ways, but the message is the same every time, SHE is the cause of all the controversy for answering the way she did.

Well excuse me for being Princess Obvious here but no, Carrie Prejean's answer was most definitely not the source of this controversy. If Journalism 2009 was actually honest, it would be reading "Vulgar Little Man Sets Up Pageant Contestant With A Question Designed To Cause Controversy". I wonder, if the contestant that got this question was a girl from a Muslim family, and Perez Hilton treated her the way he's treated Carrie Prejean, just how quickly he'd be stopped in his tracks and had his mouth shut up with Lawsuits A Plenty? I think we all know the answer to that question - society does NOT tolerate religious harassment of Muslims - nor should we. Harassment of any kind is deplorable, but harassment based on religious grounds is particularly unthinkable especially in a country founded on the very principles that citizens would be able to live in peace without such things. Of course when the founding fathers drafted those documents they had more of a Christian religion in mind, but that's not the point. The point is, if you are a Christian in the USA in our day, and you publicly admit that you are and publicly voice your opinion on any particular issue such as gay marriage or abortion for example, it is GAME ON by the zealot leftists, and by sundown your name will be Mudd. The so-called tolerance level of the left truly makes me gag.

On the one hand it's revolting that this is taking place, but on the other hand we know God is sovereign even over this and He's allowing it (permitting it, ordaining it?) for a reason. Christians in our day had better be ready to give an answer for their faith AND be prepared to face religious harassment for it. We've had it real easy so far, it's just a lot of verbal and written trash. However, the more tolerated Christian harassment becomes in a society, the more commonplace it becomes and the more citizens just get used to it, it just progresses to the next level - which goes far beyond written and verbal trash. I shudder to think how hostile it might be in western culture for Christians, in 20, 30 or 50 years.

And with that... have a super fantastically wonderful day. :-) I'm going outside to plant veggies in my garden.