Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, I Laughed

My kids say funny things. I'm sure everyone's kids do. Recently I decided to make a note of the ones that really stood out to me, so here they are. All quotes may or may not have surrounding context, which make them even funnier (and the "no context/no names attached" was the only way I got permission to use some of them).

- "Mom, when I grow up you can come visit me at my horse ranch"

- "hang on, I need to kill this dinosaur!"

- "I love being black"

- "what would you do if a coyote ate you?"

- "I look like a warthog squeezed into celophane"

- "Where is Napolean's dress?"

- "Hey this is really rubbery, just like your forehead!"

- "I never said you could play my guy, and now you've killed him"

Tune in again soon, for the next installment...

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