Monday, April 6, 2009

UPDATED: Urgent Prayer Need

I just got an email from my mom telling me my sister's been admitted to the hospital. Suffering with severe back spasms and vomitting blood. She was just admitted so I don't know more than this right now. Please join me in prayer for my sister & family.


Very early diagnosis is likely pancreaitis. The doctor said her white blood count was eight times higher than what it should be, which means her body is fighting off an infection with all its got. She's on pain meds and antibiotics and will stay in the hospital for observation & more tests over the next couple of days. I will update more on my sister Lora when I know more, and I do thank you for your prayers.

In other family news, my uncle Merle will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning for lung surgery and the prognosis at this point is not good. After suffering what he thought was a bad cold that had turned to pnuemonia, he went to the doctor on Wednesday and had 2 liters of fluid drained from his left lung, and the surgery was scheduled. Uncle Merle has always been in pretty good health, is not a smoker but did work around asbestos in the shipyard for many years. He's been told to get his affairs in order, and he's understandably pretty nervous about the surgery and pending lab results. Please join me in prayer for my uncle Merle, his wife Robin and the rest of my family. It's really hard being 2500 miles away from them all at this time.


Lora - she's resting fairly comfortably on medication and on a clear fluide diet. Her nurse told her today "if you can see through it, you can have it". So my sister asked "so then, that means I can have a donut?" Her nurse assured her that no, she didn't mean that. At least she's still got her sense of humor.

Uncle Merle - the news here is definitely not good as we suspected. His surgery was scheduled for 12 noon today and when the surgeon opened him up he observed that the cancer had spread so much that there was nothing he could do, so they closed him back up. No idea what kind of treatment or therapy he'll be having, if any at all. Please keep my uncle Merle, his wife Robin and their immediate family in your prayers. This is an extremely difficult thing to go through, for all involved.

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