Monday, April 27, 2009

Store Stuff: NEW stuff!

Normally I would post about this at my Reflections Store blog, but it's not very widely read (insert pathetically sad, pouty face here) so I'm going to post here in hopes that you'll all be kind enough to click through and check out what I've been up to (and tell all your friends too!).

What I've been up to, is diversifying. While I love my cafepress shop and all it has to offer, the folks at cafepress are changing things up a little bit and that has motivated me to put my eggs in more than one basket, as it were. Reflections at cafepress is not going anywhere, but I've decided to utilize some of the other POD (print on demand) suppliers out there for great apparel and gift merchandise that cafepress doesn't carry, yet. I started this a couple of months ago with my Reflections Kids store, and the more I explored what printfection had to offer, the more I really loved it! So, over the last little while I've been building up different shops at printfection, and at other places as well (you can see the full list in the new sidebar section). They're not quite done yet as far as adding designs, but you can check them out here:

Just for Kids

Kicks and Grins FUNNY t-shirts

Awesome Christian Tees