Friday, April 3, 2009

Status Report

Reading through the comments I went over to Rebekah's to check out her review of the Twilight book series, and then also saw her status report. I really like this idea so I'm just going to go ahead and copy it for myself today. I hope no one minds.

Sitting... at a very messy desk that never seems to stay tidy and organized for more than a day or two. It's a little thing but a little thing that greatly annoys me. I can't figure out how to stop letting it annoy me.

Drinking... Tim Hortons extra large cafe mocha. Hoping to roll up the rim to win 10 grand, when I'm done. Usually I just win a chance to play again.

Noting... that my "books to read" shelf is getting fuller all the time. I saw a book in the church library by Sinclair Ferguson that I really wanted to borrow, but had a mental picture-flash of this book shelf of unread books so I put it back.

Weighing... myself yesterday I was absolutely shocked. I have not stepped on a scale since early fall, and since that time I have not changed my eating habits at all, not changed my daily routines at all, and yet I have still gained 20 pounds. What!? If this is real, it will be the first time ever in my adult life that I was not pregnant and gained any real weight. I knew I'd put on some Christmas pudge (I always gain about 5 pounds then it's gone by spring), but if I've really gained 20 pounds, why do my clothes still fit? I'm going to assume the scale is messed up. In any case, I'm also digging my bike out of the garage tomorrow and giving it a good clean up. It's time to start riding.

Tired... of constantly critical people. They say it takes one to know one, and since I am far more critical than I wish I were, I know what critical folks are like. I'm tired of it within myself and tired of it from others. Really tired of it.

Wondering... what would happen if I rolled up this rim and it said I won 10 grand. I might scream, or maybe cry. Probably both.

Reading... nothing, I'm too busy. What happened to my quiet reading time? I don't know, but it's gone. I'd like it back, so if you've seen it, please direct it my way?

Recently finished... nothing recently. It's been a while since I finished a book.

Also wondering... why steam cleaners have to cost a fortune. At the local Canadian Tire (it's like WalMart, but smaller, and Canadian, hence the name) there are two that sit on the shelf. They both do the same thing, both the same brand, both the same size, but one is $150 bucks more than the other one. I'll have to assume the more costly one does a better job, but I can't see it doing a $150.00 better job. If it does, then that's the one I need since Tulip does $150.00 jobs on my carpet. Pesky beagle. Do they make Doggie Diapers?

Needing... to get out to my yard and prep my faerie garden for the new plantings I have in mind. I also need to fix the arbor since the brutally cold winter winds ripped it out of the ground and snapped off 12" of the rails.

Not liking... when folks can't be happy for other folks' good news, but instead pick them apart looking for things to complain about. See the above Tired category.

Really liking... the fact that my youngest 4 kids are all doing really well in school this year. Being a homeschool mom is a tough job, and when you have even one learning disabled child it makes it even tougher. Things have changed this year though, and that child has turned the corner and now all four are doing quite well. It blesses my heart so much that they're all doing so well in this way.

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