Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Got the Goods

It occured to me today how much good there is in my world these days. Oh sure theres some not-so-good, but today the focus is The Goods.

- After a rough start to the new year with Kevin's emergency appendectomy, he's now all healed up, fully recovered and back to work. Not only is he back to work but he recently received a promotion which means better pay, better hours and a better position. It's made a world of difference on many levels, and we're incredibly thankful for this blessing.

- During Kevin's downtime, I had the distinct opportunity to watch my church family step up to the plate and minister to us in every way. It was not only very humbling but it was a genuine lesson in true servanthood.

- Over the last several months, I've been dealing with a personal issue that has been very difficult. The Lord orchestrated circumstances in such a way that it left me to basically deal with this issue in no other way except through prayer. It's been one of the hardest, and one of the most blessed times ever for me as it's caused me to really trust the Lord to guide my steps AND carefully examine my own heart when it comes to being critical, judgemental, and the like. I'm half tempted to say the Holy Spirit has been working overtime with me, only I don't have any reason to believe He actually works overtime. He's working right on time.

- On a similar note, a dear friend has also been going through blessed spiritual growth and he's posted a little bit about it here. I mention it here because it directly parallels some things I'm dealing with and it blessed my heart to not only see him post about it, but see the gracious replies as well. It's not easy to admit you've crossed the line, and it's definitely not easy to admit it publicly since you never really know how that will be received.

- My oldest daughter Caryn is almost done with her 2 years of school, and has already landed a fantastic job in her field. She worked hard the last two years and I'm so very proud of her for this achievement. Her wedding is just a few short months away and yes, I will cry and smile at the same time.

- My daughter Jordan who has some learning disabilities has recently had a turbo powered academic lightbulb go on over her head. She has struggled in spelling, English and math from the very first day she began formal book lessons at 5 years old, and in the last few months suddenly the struggle is not so much of a struggle any more. She takes spelling tests and does better than she ever has in her life, she reads multi-leveled English instructions and understands them the first time through, and her focus in math has improved 200%. I have no idea what happened but she's loving it, I'm loving it, and I'm so grateful that things are finally "clicking" for her.

- My daughter Jessica has us all in the baby-waiting-game right now. At her pre-natal appointment this week the doctor has upped her due date to April 8th. We had a great talk today about unconditional love, and the truly indescribable feeling that floods the heart of the mother, the moment she sees the precious face of her newborn child. We're all very much looking forward to meeting our new person, and every time the phone rings someone says "she's in labor" before the phone is picked up. One of these times it'll be accurate, and I just hope it's not at 3am.

There's a lot of things going on in the world right now that are disturbing, depressing, discouraging and heartbreaking. I know a lot of people who are in a rather low-gear mood for that very reason, and I've been experiencing a good bit of that myself. It's so easy to focus on the bad, and overlook the good but today I just wanted to shine a light on some of the good in my world.

I am truly blessed, and while I don't deserve a bit of it, I'm hanging on to it.

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