Monday, April 27, 2009

Good News Monday

Good News Monday!

Well then, welcome to my first official GNM!

I really didn't have the time this past week to collect the good news stories and links that I wanted to, but I do have a few things to share to spread the good news and hopefully encourage. I hope to have lots more for next week's post but here are the few that I have for today:

A place to post prayer requests or praise reports. Prayer requests will be refreshed each Monday morning. Share your request or go pray for others. Big thanks to Mark for hosting this Prayer Page at hereiblog.

For a nice selection of daily devotionals online to be encouraged and inspired, check out this page.

You might already be familiar with this one, but just in case you're not, don't miss Grace Gems: A Treasury of Ageless, Sovereign Grace, Devotional Writings - To humble the pride of man,to exalt the grace of God in salvationand to promote real holiness in heart and life.

Hailey and Grandma And finally, I can't believe I didn't update the Hailey Chronicles to let everyone know that she's now at home and doing quite well. I actually thought I did update, but as I said I've been so busy I guess it just slipped my mind. Mommy Jessica called on Thursday morning last week to tell us that Hailey would be released, so Grandpa and aunt Rachel went down to pick them up and bring them home (Daddy Joost was at work). We all went over on Friday to welcome her home, and while having a conversation about her experience in the hospital for a week, Hailey just stuck her tongue out to let me know what she thought of that!

Thank you for all your prayers for her in her first week of life on this strange planet. She's eating well, sleeping well, and everyone is quite happy she's at home.

So, that's my good news for this Monday. If you have some good news you'd like to share, please feel free to leave that in the comments. I'd love to hear your good news, and I'm sure others would too!

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