Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures with Hailey

Well, today we went to visit the world's cutest grand-daughter. Now, this is a tough title, since we have TWO of them now, and they both carry the same title. However, this one is the much shorter one, and the much newer one, Hailey McKinsey.

Hailey napping

When we arrived, she was sleeping. So, I was forced to do what any good grandma does...

I had to scoop her out of her bed and snuggle with her a bit. After telling her how much I love her, how beautiful she is, and thanking the Lord for her...

She was obviously happy grandma came to see her. She did have a request though:

She wanted to go dancing! So, we danced, and she was happy. But then, the big hairy grandpa person showed up!

... and told her secrets about cheeseburgers and things...

At first she seemed confused, but the more they discussed it...

The more obvious it became she understood perfectly.

It was a very good day.

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