Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Season of Dirt

Yesterday at the grocery store I stopped by the garden center area and bought 2 packets of morning glory seeds. I plant them on either side of the arbor at the entrance to my faerie garden, so that they climb up and around and just make a really pretty addition to the yard. The hummingbirds really love them too.

Buying the seeds got me to thinking about spring routines. Every year after the snow is all gone and it stops raining and the wind stops howling it's time to go out into the yard and clean up all the junk. This is junk that wasn't there in the fall before the snow began, but between November and March tends to blow in from wherever. It blows in from the highway, or from neighboring farms, or falls out of the sky. I'm not really sure where it all comes from, I just know it shows up and gets embedded into the snow and by the time all that melts, we're always surprised to see all the junk that needs cleaning up.

Spring is also time to clear off the deck of all the burnable trash that has accumulated. Far too often during the winter it's just too miserably cold to haul the burnable items all the way to the burn barrel, so they get bagged up and plopped onto the deck.

It's the time to set up the trampoline, the pool, wash windows, replace or repair any bird feeders that were damaged or destroyed over the winter, do the same for window screens, and finally open the doors and windows and air the house out from 6 months of being all closed up.

There are a lot of spring projects to tackle every year, but I greatly look forward to them. It's the beginning of 6 months of being outside, dinner off the barbeque, kids in the pool, beautiful song birds in the yard, fireflies in the summer and windows open. Its always a welcome contrast to the dulrums of winter, with all the family's winter gear scattered through the mudroom, doors sealed up tight, shoveling endless piles of snow, missing church due to weather, hauling wood and building fires. Oh yes, a much welcome contrast.

I can't hardly wait to get out there and plant my morning glory seeds. I think I was born to play in the dirt.

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