Friday, March 6, 2009

Phil Johnson, Fit Ministers, and a message not preached often enough in our day

This morning at the Shepherds Conference, Phil Johnson gave a message that honestly should come as no surprise to anyone who knows brother Phil and his dedication to upholding Biblical truth over and against being cool or popular. Nathan Busenitz has posted about this here, and you can already download this message here.

Phil has written and spoken about this before but this time around, he really drove home some points that needed to be driven home, BIG time. For example at 43 minutes into the session Phil says this specifically pertaining to the type of language so commonly used today:

"I keep hearing people, including some well known leaders in the evangelical movement, making the claim that it really doesn't matter how radically you contextualize the message as long as you basically get the theological facts and the doctrinal formula of the message right. And I'm convinced that's patently wrong. In fact, that way of thinking goes contrary of the whole point Paul is stressing in his instructions to Titus - your doctrine is not really pure if you yourself are not an example of reverence and dignity. If your manner of speech is lewd and profane, or if your lifestyle is characterized by the same fleshly tendencies that define secular culture then you are not a fit minister of the gospel, and you ought to step down. Paul says that very thing at the end of Titus chapter one starting in verse 15..."

It really is that clear, and yet so many try to make it so complicated. I'm convinced those that do complicate it do so for one simple reason; they want to make excuses for and engage in the very kind of speech and conduct Phil mentions here, and they want you and me and anyone else that dares to speak up against it to simply accept it and stop griping about it. Sound Biblical conduct is not their main focus, but instead they're about self-interests and self-indulgence.

In Phil's message today he does name names and I'm glad he did. He does mention Mark Driscoll (how could anyone pretend Driscoll doesn't lead the pack on this one?) and he does mention Ed Young Jr. He also mentions those leaders who turn a deaf ear to this and don't have the guts to stand up and say it's wrong.

This was a solid message against this nonsense that I've been wishing someone would stand up and preach, and I'm so glad Phil did it. While I'm sure there have been others that have in fact spoken out in this way, I just haven't heard them.

My hat is off to Phil. This truly needed to be said in exactly the way Phil said it.

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