Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

I'm beginning to consider the usefulness of this blog. No, this isn't a whiney, "no one loves me anymore" post that appeals to sympathy and threatens the end of my blogging days... but it is a "is there still a place for this?" post.

Over the last several months commenting has been way down, and that's discouraging since I really enjoy the feedback. Some posts sit there for days without ever a single comment, and some never get a comment at all. I've also noticed that the actual visitors to the blog has gone way, way down from just a year ago. So, I figure either I've become really really boring and it's time to just pack it in, or folks are just reading through RSS and don't really have time to comment. I know I'm pretty bad when it comes to leaving comments on other people's blogs, so I really don't have much room to talk.

So I've added a poll today in the upper left sidebar. If you are reading via RSS, you'll have to click through to take the poll. Just trying to get a little better idea from folks that normally do read the blog, if I should keep this going or consider calling it a day.

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